We are living in 21st century, a very fast and a pace developing era. At present , a rapid growth in technology has took place, and very soon this growth will  be at its peak.

We all know that the developments we have seen till now is only been possible by the efforts of humans. Yes we people did this, and will continue this in the future too.

But during all these processes a very important criteria is being ignored by us is our health. Without this we are nothing.

Today we are in a situation of losing our health. At present, the food we eat is not totally pure, In the name of food we are just consuming harmful chemicals which are used in factories, and this affects our health very effectively.  We are indirectly putting our lives in danger by supporting this practice.

Now, in addition with this, the whole world is also facing a major cause, the pandemic COVID-19, a very venomous virus, which attacks those people who lacks immunity, those who have a very weak respiratory system, etc. So, the thing is that we are already weak and this virus is contributing more to it.

What we should do now?

We need to boost our immunity, our respiratory system, and other life processes of our body, which will be only possible when we consume a totally natural and herbal diet without any harmful chemical, which will improve our health at it’s best.

picture showing herbal mixture

Now, a question arises that how can we find such kind of herbal product?

 It is very difficult to find a product like this, which is 100% natural.

No need to worry because CUREVEDA had already done our part. They launched a 100% natural product which can be consumed by all the people of any age group. This product will surely provide a boost to your health. This product is also called as “ herbal immunity booster”, and the product is “Cureveda immunity booster Pureprash sugar free chyawanprash”.

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At present, maximum people in every age group are facing the problem of diabetes, so many of you can raise a question that is it suitable for diabetic patients?

Of course, yes as it is clear from the name itself that it is a sugar free product, so diabetic patients can also consume it without any hesitation.


What makes CUREVEDA SUGAR FREE HERBAL CHYAWANPRASH a preferrable product?

We should prefer this because the most important thing is that it doesn’t has any side effects, and it is also providing a boost to our immunity.

Now, the main thing that makes  CUREVEDA  CHYAWANPRASH a seductive product are the natural ingredients of it. Every ingredient is 100% natural and vegetarian.

A list of its ingredient is mentioned below:

  1. Pakshep pipali: It is a fruit that is used in the treatment of many bacterial diseases.

It’s advantage:

  • It is an ultimate remedy of all sorts of Kapha aggravating disorder such as Asthma cough and cold, bronchitis, and etc.
  • It also helps in removing phlegm deposits from respiratory tracts.

2. Delphine (Bark):  It is also known as cinnamon, which is obtained from the bark of many tree species from the genus cinnamomum. Mainly used for providing a delicious flavour to any food item.

It’s benefits:

  • It has a high medicinal value.
  • It is contained with antioxidants which protects our body from many oxidative damages.
  • It has highly inflammation property which helps our body to fight infections and repair tissue damages.

3. Elaichi: Also known as cardamom, helps to heal many digestive problems. Even it is said that it may contain cancer fighting compounds.

4. Tejpatta: Also known as bay leaf, it also helps in improving digestion, and is a health friendly herb.

5. Nagkesar (stamen): It helps in managing the problems of indigestion, asthma, joint pains, and etc.

6. Kaunchbeej (seed) safed musli: It helps in increasing sexual desire. Also helps to increase sperm count and mobility. Apart from these it reduces physiological stress and semen quality.

7. Lavang: Also known as clove,helps to boost the immunity, and reduces the problem of toothache ulcers, and sore gums.

8. Amla pulp (fruit): Also known as Indian gooseberry, helps to boost the metabolism, prevents from many viral diseases, and helps to fight against cancer cells.

9. Jaggery: A concentrated product of cane juice.

It’s Benefits:

  • It prevents constipation.
  • Cleans the liver by removing toxins.

10. Gokhru: It is an annual plant of caltrop family.

   It’s benefits:

  • Relieves urinary disorders.
  • Helps the kidney in better functioning.
  • Improves the cardiac functioning.

So, in addition with all these it contains many more ingredients such as Prushniparni, Giloy, Punarnava, Nagarmotha, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, and etc. All these ingredients act as a health booster.

Now, what are the specific conditions which help us to become more confident about this product.

So, below are some of its advantages:

  • A strong blow to the immunity.
  •  It doubles the immunity, and most importantly it is suitable for all the age groups.
  • It Stimulates our body’s immunity.
  • Helps in the improvement of respiratory system and takes care of general fitness of our body. It enhances the strength and keeps us energetic every time. It is also responsible for our mind’s sharpness.
  • Containment of sugar is in very low amount which again proves that it is a purely healthy and natural product. Naturally sweetened with jaggery which helps a lot in solving the digestive issues.
  • Best and fresh quality are used in this product, such as the amla pulp which are not taken from the previous season storage. It guarantees a fresh and pure added ingredient.
  • With all these, they also don’t lack in its packaging, they ensure the full safety and hygiene condition of the package. They do not use any harmful chemical during its packaging such as many other companies use a very harmful chemical known as sodium benzoate, which CUREVEDA refuses to add.

How to consume?

Here are the directions for its consumption:

For adults and above 10 years of age– Consume 1 teaspoonful twice a day.

For children’s below 10 years of age– They should prefer to have a half teaspoon twice a day.


At last, I would like to say that after a long research I have reached to a conclusion that this product is perfect from each and every aspect.

 Such a 100% natural and health conscious ingredients are added to it. Also, it is 100% vegetarian, and a sugar free product. So, I think that now there is not a single point left on which you can refuse it. I will definitely suggest you this product, Cureveda herbal Pureprash sugar free herbal Chyawanprash. Positively try it!


Is Cureveda Chyawanprash reliable for children?

Yes, it can be given to the people of any age group.

Is this product very costly?

No, it is not that much costly.

Where will we get this product?

It is easily available on any online shopping application or website. Like you can easily get it on Amazon.

Is there any non vegetarian ingredient added to it?

No, this product does not contain any non vegetarian ingredient. It is 100% vegetarian.





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