D Company in Mumbai: Why did the Dawood gang become active again in Mumbai after 20 years?


After 20 Years D Company Comeback in Mumbai: Mumbai’s underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s name is in the headlines once again from Monday. On Monday, the NIA raided 29 locations in Mumbai and questioned about two and a half dozen people. It seemed that D Company has withdrawn its activities from Mumbai, once again the news of its activation has come to the fore. Indian agencies have always believed that Dawood is in Pakistan. Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI has supported him and is using him for anti-India activities.

Till the 70s and 80s, Dawood was a gangster who used to shed blood for money, but his terror plans were also exposed by the serial bomb blasts in Mumbai on 12 March 1993. More than two and a half hundred people were killed in these blasts and about seven and a half hundred people were injured. Investigation revealed that the explosives for the blasts were sent by ISI using Dawood’s smuggling network. After the bombing, there was also a conspiracy to riot once again in Mumbai, for which a consignment of weapons was sent by Dawood.


Daughter’s marriage to Pakistani cricketer’s son


All the efforts of the Indian agencies to capture Dawood and bring him back to India or to pile him on the land of Pakistan have been unsuccessful so far. Pakistan has always been saying that Dawood is not with it, but India has been repeatedly giving evidence of Dawood’s presence in Pakistan. In 2005, it became public that Dawood’s daughter was married to the son of Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad.

Dawood is living a comfortable life in Karachi
Due to India’s efforts, Dawood has been declared an international terrorist by the US and the United Nations, Interpol has issued a red corner notice against him, but with the alleged help of the Pakistan government, Dawood is living a life of luxury in Karachi. Before 2003, the Dawood gang dominated the underworld of Mumbai. Every day businessmen and film personalities received threatening calls from the gang. Many people were murdered by D Company but after 2003 D Company got cold in Mumbai.


2002 D Company did the last murder in Mumbai
This was the year when Dawood’s brother Iqbal Kaskar was deported and brought to India. It is believed that in view of the safety of his brother, Dawood called off his operation in Mumbai. In 2002, the last murder by the Dawood gang was that of a man running a cable channel named Ali Nanjiani.

‘D Company’ active in Mumbai after 20 years
After almost twenty years, the Dawood gang seems to be raising its head once again in Mumbai. According to the NIA, Dawood is in the mood to carry out violent activities in India. Many big personalities of the country are on his target. Dawood gang is doing terror funding through real estate and money laundering. Dawood’s younger brother Anish, fellow Chhota Shakeel and Tiger Menon are helping him in this work.

Because of this, Dawood will have to follow the instructions of ISI.
Every work in the underworld is done after seeing the profit and loss, that is why Dawood is also dancing on the instructions of ISAE. Because it is because of ISI that Dawood is living safely in Karachi and living comfortably. The ISI has not only been protecting him from Indian agencies but has also protected him from the shooters of the Chhota Rajan gang. To survive in Pakistan, it is important for Dawood to keep himself useful to the ISI.

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