Delhi Cyber ??Cell: Cyber ??cell busted sextortionist gang, one arrested


Delhi Cyber ??Cell: The Cyber ??Cell of Delhi Police has busted the sextortionist gang and arrested an accused from Bharatpur, Rajasthan. According to the police, the accused used to extort themselves from the target by becoming an officer of the Crime Branch of Delhi Police or becoming an official of YouTube. These gangs would first befriend the victim by creating fake profiles of girls on Facebook and then contact the victim on WhatsApp after sharing the number on Messenger.


Sextortionist gangs after trapping the victim in the honey trap make obscene chats with them on video calling and show obscene videos. During this, they record the screen shot of the victim and the video of the victim through the screen recorder.


used to extort through pornographic videos
According to the police, after receiving the obscene video of the victim through the screen recorder, these gangs used to talk to the victim as a crime branch officer and then extort money from them by talking about receiving a complaint at the police station. Apart from this, these gangs used to extort money from the victim in the name of getting the videos deleted by becoming YouTube officials.


complaint was received on cyber crime portal
There were frequent complaints of such incidents on the cybercrime portal of MHA. After which the Delhi Police registered a case on a complaint. During the investigation, with the help of money trail and technical surveillance, the police traced the mobile wallet linked to those mobile numbers and then arrested a person named Asib Khan from Bharatpur, Rajasthan. According to the police, in the last one month, a transaction of Rs 26 lakh has taken place in the account of the accused on this side. Police have recovered 3 mobiles and 9 SIM cards from them, as well as their 2 bank accounts have also been frozen in which they used to get the extortion money deposited.

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