Delhi High Court sentenced a person to contempt of court order 45 days imprisonment


New Delhi: The Delhi High Court has sentenced a person for contempt of court to 45 days’ imprisonment. The court has said that if the honor of the judiciary is hurt, then the democratic fabric of the society will suffer.

The court also imposed a fine
Justice Subramaniam Prasad also imposed a fine of Rs 2,000 on the said person in contempt of court, who had demolished the boundary wall built by the petitioner on an order of the High Court.


what the court said in the order

The court, in its May 13 order, said, “Having regard to the objectionable conduct of the respondent No.-1 (contempt), this court hereby awards the contempt a simple imprisonment of 45 days along with a fine of Rs 2,000. Respondent No.-1 (contempt) is directed to be taken into custody immediately.

Justice Prasad said the purpose of contempt jurisdiction is to uphold the dignity of the courts and the orders of the court cannot be violated by showing muscle power and intimidation.

,contempt will knowingly disobey the order,
The High Court held that the act of the contemnor to demolish the wall was not only a result of quarrel, but he had deliberately disobeyed the order of the court and for this he did not deserve mercy. The court said that a strong message has to be given to the society that the orders of the court cannot be flouted by adopting stringent tactics.

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