Delhi Police came out of Rahul Gandhi’s house, gave another notice, Congress MP asked for time


Delhi Police In Rahul Gandhi House: Delhi Police team reached Congress MP Rahul Gandhi’s house on Sunday (March 19). Delhi Police’s Special CP Sagar Preet Hooda reached Rahul Gandhi’s house for questioning in connection with his statement on ‘sexual harassment’ victims during Bharat Jodo in Srinagar. However, Rahul Gandhi did not get the statement recorded. The police handed him another notice and returned from the house. Earlier on March 16, the police had sent a notice to Rahul.


According to Special CP Sagar Preet Hooda, Rahul Gandhi said that many women have given statements but it will take time to compile them. For this reason even today Rahul Gandhi did not get his statement recorded. The police will try to record his statement as soon as possible.

In fact, on the last day of the Bharat Jodo Yatra in Srinagar, Rahul Gandhi had said that even today sexual exploitation of women is happening. Regarding this, the Delhi Police had sent a notice to Rahul Gandhi on March 16, asking which women are those who have said this. The police had also asked Rahul to give the details of those women.


What did the Delhi Police say about the matter

Police said, “We have come here to talk to Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi had given a statement on January 30 in Srinagar that during the visit he met many women and they told him that they were raped. Have come to collect information about the same so that the victims can get justice. The police tried to collect information about the case on March 15 but ‘failed’ and sent a notice on March 16.”

‘Police did not find any such woman’

Police said that their team in Delhi investigated the matter but no such woman was found. We had tried to know earlier also but Rahul was abroad so we could not meet him. The police want that we should take this information as soon as possible so that the victim does not face any problem, we have come here just to get this information.

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