Dengue cases increasing even in summer, treat at home with AYUSH measures


New Delhi. The cases of dengue, which usually appear after cold weather and August-September, are now coming to the fore in the summer season as well. In Delhi itself, from January 2022 to May, around 100 dengue patients have been found. In the weekly report released by the South Delhi Municipal Corporation, the nodal agency of Vector Borne Disease Control on May 17, it was told that till May 14, 96 dengue cases have been found in Delhi city. This number is expected to increase in this one week. Although no death has been reported from this vector-borne disease so far, but the occurrence of this mosquito-borne disease in this season is definitely a matter of concern.

It is worth noting that if we look at the records of previous years, this is the biggest figure of dengue patients from January to May. In this period, only 21 dengue patients were found last year i.e. in the year 2021. Whereas only 18 cases were found in 2020, 10 in 2019, 12 in 2018 and only 18 cases were found in 2017, which was the worst year in terms of dengue. In such a situation, it is worrying to reach around 100 dengue cases in this period in 2022. However, there is still relief in the case of dengue deaths.


The special thing is that till now there is no exact treatment for dengue and no vaccine has been invented. In such a situation, treatment of dengue is done only on the basis of symptoms. However, the Ministry of AYUSH of the Central Government has found naturopathy and yoga to be better for the treatment of dengue. This is the reason why guidelines have been given by AYUSH for dengue. By following which dengue can be treated better.

Guidelines have been given for the treatment of dengue patient through naturopathy and yoga in the treatment methods prescribed by the Ministry of AYUSH. Ayush believes that there is no need to panic due to dengue but there is a need to be careful. If a little awareness is kept, then dengue can be treated even by keeping the patient at home.

Ayush believes that according to naturopathy, fever is like an alarming symptom for the body which tells that something wrong is happening inside the body. It needs to be corrected as soon as possible. Body temperature is the biggest reason in dengue fever. It is necessary to keep it balanced. Some measures can be taken for this.



It has been told by AYUSH that in case of dengue, the patient is benefitted by fasting. It is a treatment to reduce the effect of dengue, but fasting by drinking only plain water can be harmful. Therefore, during the fast, keep giving fruit juice or any liquid diet to the patient continuously. A digestible dose can also be given in food. During this, do not eat any such food which is difficult to digest. Apart from this, plain lukewarm water should be given to the patient in maximum quantity. Along with bael, juice, fruit and vegetable juices, coconut water, lemon, honey water and wheat grass juice can be given. Due to this the patient will start recovering soon.

put a water strip on the forehead

If the patient is experiencing high fever due to dengue, then in such a situation keep the packet of ice or cold water on the patient’s forehead and stomach alternately. If you are keeping a cloth bandage, then keep water in two pots. First soak a cloth strip in the vessel and place it on the forehead. After that wash the bandage in the first vessel, so that the heat is released in this water, then soak that bandage in the water of another vessel, squeeze it and place it on the forehead of the patient. Do this for about 20 minutes. At the same time, keep repeating this process every two hours. Do this until the patient’s fever does not subside and he does not come down to normal temperature. Apart from this, the patient’s feet can be kept in hot water. This will also reduce the body temperature.

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