Do not do these 5 things even by mistake immediately after eating food


Healthy foods are very important for our mental and physical health. People’s attention is now being paid to healthy habits related to eating and lifestyle. This is the reason why people have started including foods rich in nutritional properties in their diet. Many a times, despite adopting healthy food, we are battling with diseases. In such a situation, people often think that where is the shortage coming.

Even after adopting a better lifestyle, if you get troubled by thinking of such a question, then we tell you about the mistakes made during or after eating, due to which you have to face health related challenges. Learn healthexchange

According to what should not be done immediately after eating.

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Drinking water
Drinking water is essential for health. This is the easiest and most important step to keep the body hydrated, but drinking water at the wrong time or in the wrong way can harm health. If you drink more water while eating or immediately after eating, then you may have problems of indigestion or acidity.


loosening the belt while eating
Often you must have seen many people loosening the belt of pants while eating food, it may seem common. But it can increase your problem. Actually, due to loosening of the belt, we feel relief from the pressure being built around the stomach and in this round we tend to eat more food. Apart from increasing the weight, it can also cause indigestion.

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to smoke
Consuming tobacco in any form is dangerous. It should never be consumed. Despite this, some people are seen smoking cigarettes after eating or while eating food. Doing so increases the risk of stomach-related diseases.

sleeping immediately after eating
Working throughout the day in the midst of BG routines, the person gets so tired till the night that he starts falling asleep immediately after eating the food or he uses the phone lying down after the meal. If you also have a habit of sleeping or lying down immediately after dinner, then it is very important to avoid it. By doing this, complaints of stomach diseases and obesity can start.

fruit consumption
Although consuming fruits is good for health, but eating fruits immediately after eating food should be avoided. If you eat fruits immediately after eating food, then the nutrients of the food are not fully available to the body.

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