Do not eat raw onion in excess or else there can be heavy damage to health


Side Effects of Raw Onion: Many people like to consume raw onions to prevent heatstroke in the summer season, but if you make more raw onions a part of your diet than necessary, then instead of benefiting your health, you may have to suffer. . WebAccording to a news published in MD, if we use onion in the right quant ity, then it keeps many diseases away and also keeps heart and blood pressure etc. healthy. But, if we start eating raw onions more than necessary, then it can also cause damage. Not only this, blood sugar level is affected by the consumption of raw onion, many stomach problems can also bother us. Let us know what are the important things we should keep in mind before eating onions.


Disadvantages of eating raw onion

If you have had surgery, then consuming onions can cause problems in blood clotting. Not only this, it can lower your blood sugar, so do not use onions a week before and after surgery.

If your blood sugar remains low, then do not consume more than a certain amount of onions. This can further lower your blood sugar. If you are a diabetic patient and are consuming onions, then keep checking your blood sugar.


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problems with digestion
If you are struggling with the problem of induction, then you should use onions with care. Doing so can make your problem worse.

pregnancy and breast feeding
If you are pregnant or breast feeding, then you should avoid eating more onions than necessary. Because of this, you may face many problems.

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cross allergy
If you have the problem of cross allergies, then consuming more onions can cause problems. If someone is allergic to mugwort or celery, then onion can also be allergic.

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