Do not eat these 5 things even in lunch, it can increase stomach problem


Our body and mind work in the same way as what we eat. For example, if we take healthy diet then our body and mind will also work healthy whereas if we eat unhealthy diet then our body and mind will also work in an unhealthy way. In such a situation, it is advisable to eat and drink for better health, by following which you can lead a healthy life.

TheHealthAccording to the site, one should always choose such foods in breakfast, lunch and dinner which do not harm your health. But it has been seen that most of the people do breakfast from home every morning, but in lunch, they fill their stomach by eating fried outside things. In such a situation, here we tell you what things you should avoid eating in lunch for better health.


Keep distance from these things in lunch


fried things
If you consume fried things like samosa pakoras and other things outside, then the digestion system can get spoiled. It would be better if you consume fruits or other healthy things instead of these fried things.

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flour products
Many times in the afternoon, people fill their stomach by eating paratha, chowmin, pasta, burger etc. found in the market. But let us tell you that there is no fiber in pasta or chowmein and there can be a problem of digestion due to the consumption of these things prepared from flour. In such a situation, avoid food prepared from sugar and flour as far as possible.


Let us tell you that the sandwiches that you are eating as healthy, they can be stale and used in them may contain bacteria in tomatoes, cabbage etc. If they go into your stomach, then your health may get worse.

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Some people consume potato patties, chicken patties found on the road side when they feel hungry in the afternoon. Whereas most patties are stale which kills the good bacteria present in the stomach. Because of this your digestive system may get spoiled. In such a situation it is important that you carry lunch together.

If you buy vegetable or fruit juice and drink it during lunch, then it can cause gas in your stomach. Not only this, if you consume juice, then do not ignore the hygiene. Sometimes the ice and water used in it can cause hepatitis.

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