Do not take the heat lightly, due to being in the grip of hot air, life can be lost, be aware of these things


Heat Waves Can Be Dangerous For Health: Summer is at its peak. Schools etc. have been closed due to heat wave in many states of India. The Meteorological Department is issuing alerts in many ways to avoid the ongoing heat wave and is advising to get out at least during the day. WHO According to this, Heat Waves is a serious condition and if it is not treated on time, a person can lose his life. In such a situation, it is very important to know the prevention and symptoms of heat stroke. In fact, when the temperature of a plain area crosses 40 degrees, the temperature of the coastal area crosses 37 degrees or the temperature of the mountainous area crosses 30 degrees, then the health ministry declares the hot winds blowing in such a situation. However, several other criteria are also used to declare heat wave on the basis of departure from normal temperature.


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symptoms of heatstroke
If a person stays in the heat or sun for a long time and after that the body temperature goes to 101 degrees Fahrenheit or above, then it can be a symptom of heatstroke. In the case of heat stroke, the patient feels very thirsty, there may be nausea and vomiting, symptoms like muscle pain, headache and dizziness, rapid heartbeat, yellow or cold skin are seen.


what to do in case of heatstroke
In case of heatstroke, the patient should immediately lie down in a shady place or in a cool place and to keep the body cool, cold water bandages should be applied on the body. It would be better to put the patient in a cooler or AC and if the patient is fainting due to heatstroke, then immediately take him to the doctor.

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how to avoid the heat
– Stay in that place of the house where there is shade and there is less sunlight or light.
If you want to go out, use umbrella, hat and wet towels.
Wear thin and light colored clothes as far as possible.
Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Apart from this, drink buttermilk, coconut water, lemonade, juice etc.
Do not go out in the sun from 11 to 3 pm.
Do not wear black, blue or dark colored clothes.
If any kind of medicine is going on, then definitely consult the doctor.

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