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Yoga Session With Savita Yadav : In your busy lifestyle, rest is equally important as keeping the body moving. If you do not take rest for a long time, then your body also starts to deteriorate gradually. Explained in the language of yoga, the m ind and body are relaxed through yoga nidra so that you can regenerate yourself, that is, you can recreate energy again. By relaxing, energy is stored in the body and we are then able to do any work in a better way. But resting does not mean that we keep resting without meaning. Rest in yoga means sleeping on time and taking rest for at least 8 to 9 hours without any interruption or discomfort. If we take care of ourselves then our health can be better. Today in Facebook Live session of News18 Hindi Yoga Instructor Savita Yadav

(Savita Yadav) shared many important things related to yoga and nidra and got some yoga practiced.

start like this
First of all, sit on your mat and while breathing deeply, focus on the sound of your breath. Now chant the word Om and pray. Keep in mind that inhale and exhale in a rhythmic manner.


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For the strength of the feet, you should first stand on the mat. And walk with the toes from one side of the mat to the other. Now walk in the same way with your heels. You do this 4 to 5 times. These walks help in strengthening from hip muscles to ankles.

First of all, standing on the mat, pull your hands forward and interlock and take them as above. You keep yourself in the posture of Tadasana. Count to 20 while stretching your stomach, chest, arms. Then relax.

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If your body is stiff in the morning, then you must do this yoga practice here. For this, sit on the mat with your knees bent and keep your back straight while keeping your palms down. Now exhale while stretching the back inwards and inhale while lifting the back. Do this 10 cycles. By doing this there will never be a problem of slip disc and back pain. You can see it in detail in the video here.

– Sit on the toes on one side of your mat and walk on the mat by pressing your knees with your hands. If you are overweight or your knees are hurting, then sit on your toes and take support with your hands in the front and keep more gap between the legs. Now walk slowly forward by placing your hands on the knees. This will also remove the problem of constipation and the leg muscles will also be strong.

Now sit on the mat and make the posture of butterfly posture. Holding the toes, bring the knees up and down. You do this asana for 2 to 3 minutes. In this way, you should practice yoga keeping some things in mind.

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