Do these three things to lose weight and stop it from growing again


Weight Loss Tips: Many people are able to reduce their weight by following dieting and exercise for a long time. But, they are not able to maintain this reduced weight for a long time. After a few days, they start coming back to their old position, that is, their weight starts increasing again. Meaning that the weight that was lost, it comes back. So what can be done in Ace to reduce excess fat from the body and stay that way for a long time. The answer is consistency and a lot of discipline. Nutritionist Azra Khan has shared a video on his Instagram post. In this video he explained that people need to develop healthy habits to stay at their ideal weight and this includes eating clean most of the time and exercising every day.


According to nutritionist Khan, “It is important to lose weight, but it is more important not to allow the lost weight to increase. So, always make sure the things you do to lose weight are practical and sustainable”.

Nutritionist Ajra Khan further wrote in the caption, “Focus on forming the habit of never reaching a number on the weighing machine, because if you take shortcuts to lose weight and go on crash dieting, then those numbers will never be maintained.” Won’t be able to stay.”


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Nutritionist has made a list of 3 healthy habits necessary for permanent weight loss. Which will also help you in not getting back the lost weight.

be physically active
Every day you should do more and more work by yourself. You make sure that you take 7 thousand to 8 thousand steps every day, which will help you stay in shape.

Make a routine for yourself and workout 4 days a week to keep your body and health under control.

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Healthy food and junk food balance
Abs are made in the kitchen and as a nutritionist I am telling you that this is true. Eat a clean and healthy diet 80 percent of the time, and eat the remaining 20 percent of what you think is junk.

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