Do you also do these mistakes while doing yoga? There may be disadvantages instead of advantages


Yoga has always been beneficial for health. For this reason, people have been doing yoga not from today but for years. Seeing the benefits and craze of yoga, Yoga Diwas is also being celebrated in our country on 21st June. Today most people start their day with yoga. But many times it happens when people do yoga but inadvertently make some such mistakes in the meantime. Instead of giving you the benefits of yoga, it can also give you disadvantages. So let us know what mistakes you should avoid during yoga.


not wearing the right clothes
Many people go for yoga sessions but do not pay attention to their clothes during this time. They unknowingly wear such clothes which cause trouble in doing yoga. Let us tell you that to do yoga, you should wear such clothes, which do not become a hindrance while doing yoga posture. Because while doing yoga, there is a need to bend the body parts in many different ways.


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keep thinking while doing yoga
Some people do yoga but different types of thoughts keep running in their mind. Many of these thoughts are also negative, which distracts your attention. To do yoga, it is necessary to control the mind along with the body. Only then will you be able to get the benefits of doing yoga. You have to take care of this thing even at the time of meditation.

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not using proper breathing
Some people do yoga at home but often do not follow the correct way of breathing and exhaling while doing yoga posture. While there are many yoga postures in which breathing and exhaling postures are of great importance. Therefore, while doing yoga, in which posture, how and when you need to breathe and when to leave, you have to take care of this. (Disclaimer: This article in Gave Went information And Notifications General beliefs Feather based Huh, Hindi news18 their Confirmation No does is, These Feather Execution to do from First related specialist from Contact do,

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