Do you know how much it costs to make an engine of Indian Railways?


Indian Train Engine Cost: There is no doubt that even today Indian Railways is considered as the lifeline of the country. Even today, most of the people in India consider the train to be the better option for traveling from one place to another. India’s railway network is counted among the largest in the world. Every day crores of people travel by train. The existing trains included in the Indian Railways run on electric, diesel and steam engines. The whole train is divided into two parts. The first is the engine. The engine itself pulls the entire train. The next part is the coach or bogie, in which the passengers sit. Many people still do not know the answer to this question, how much does an engine that pull a train cost?


It costs up to Rs 20 crore to make an engine of Indian Railways. Since, the engines of Indian Railways are made in the country itself, so its cost is so low. There are mainly two types of engines electric and diesel are used in Indian Railways. Let us know about them.


Use of locomotives on the lines of America and South Africa

According to a railway official, dual-mode locomotives are now being manufactured in India to run trains on diesel. As a pilot project, the Railways manufactured five dual-mode locomotives of 4500 horsepower (HP) capacity at the Diesel Locomotive Works in Varanasi. Exactly this type of engine is used in America and South Africa. But this type of engine was used for the first time in India. Let us tell you that at present 52 percent of trains in India are operated on diesel. Which has to face a lot of difficulties in keeping it on the electric track and due to which the operation of the train was often delayed.

With the manufacture of these dual mode locomotives by the Railways, there is no need to replace the locomotive. Because the same diesel engine is being used on the electric track. Let us tell you that the cost of a dual mode locomotive comes to around eighteen crore rupees, while the cost of a 4500 hp diesel locomotive comes to around 13 crore rupees. As far as its weight and speed are concerned, the dual mode locomotive is heavier than the diesel locomotive and runs at a maximum speed of 135 kmph.

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