Do you know the benefits of Power Nap? Know how long the nap should be


Power Nap Benefits: Who does not like to work diligently in the morning and then take rest for a while. After waking up, if you get a power nap of even 20 minutes between hours of hard work, then after getting up, the body gets amazing speed. It is as if the mind and body are charged. Small naps like these have many benefits apart from feeling better.

At present, the mention of power nap is being done because India based company Wakefit has started ‘Right to Nap’ in the office for its employees. In its statement, Wakefit has said that there will be an official nap time for all the employees of the company from 2 pm to 2:30 pm. In the coming days, the company is going to arrange comfortable nap pods and quiet rooms in the office itself, so that the employees can get the ‘perfect nap environment’. The company is going to start the practice of power nap, so you should also know what are the benefits of power nap.


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Know these unmatched benefits of power naps


By taking a power nap, the body and mind feel relaxed.
After taking a power nap, you will feel active and energetic for the next 6 hours.
Taking power naps keeps the mood good, which helps in working by being focused.
According to the American Sleep Association, power naps are beneficial for adults in many ways.
By taking a power nap, the heart remains healthy, stress is reduced as well as the risk of heart diseases decreases.

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Power nap is only for 20-30 minutes
According to Sleep Foundation, power naps should not be more than 30 minutes. This is because due to sleeping late for more than half an hour, the body goes into deep sleep. Because of which you can feel lethargic when you wake up without getting enough sleep.

-Avoid consuming caffeinated items before taking a power nap.
-The power nap should not be too long, so sleep with an alarm.
Power nap is not very long, so choose a quiet place to sleep.

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