Doing everyday household chores can also help in weight loss, know how


Tips for Weight Loss: In today’s lifestyle, the amount of time we give to our mobile, if we give it to our health, then we will be far away from diseases. Many times we see social media influencers and fitness-conscious people sharing weight loss tips or information about exercise etc. This video sounds great to watch on the phone, but in a fast forward urban lifestyle, it becomes impossible to find time for exercise.

Whether male or female, we already have to manage our working and personal life and after coming from office, we have to deal with many domestic tasks. In such a situation, when we are already working so hard for those household chores, then why not convert them into effective practice. So, we have put together some daily routines that will help you lose weight and keep fit.


No lift, climb stairs
If you want to lose weight, you have to choose between the stairs and the elevator. To lose weight, it is better to climb stairs. If your floor is too high, then you can take the lift and always choose to go down 2-3 floors to reach your floor, so that you can include a little bit of stairs in your daily routine as well as every week. Don’t forget to set a new goal to go up by adding another floor.


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walk while you talk
We all spend most of our time in the day talking on the phone, be it family, friends or colleagues. So, why not use this crucial time in our favor as well? Whenever you get a call, whether it’s for five minutes or 30 minutes, always walk and talk, that way you won’t even realize that you’re working out and meeting with someone- Matching can burn some extra calories.

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clean your house
Clearly, cleaning is a daily practice and most of us currently take someone’s help for it. Why don’t we do it together ourselves? Do you know that washing dishes is a great exercise for our arms. By sweeping and mopping, your core muscles can be tight and you will get the same benefits as doing squats.

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