‘Dragged like terrorists, father was beaten up’, the story of arrest Tejinder Bagga


Tajinder Bagga: The Punjab Police on Friday arrested BJP leader Tejinder Pal Singh Bagga from his residence in the national capital, following which dramatic developments continued throughout the day and finally Bagga has returned home. Bagga expressed happiness after returning home and also accused the Punjab Police of “dragging me like terrorists”.

After returning home, Bagga, while talking to ABP News, accused the Punjab Police of forcibly arresting him. He said, 40 to 50 police personnel had come, out of which 10 were in civil and some in uniform. I was not even allowed to wear turban and slippers and also beat up my father. Bagga further said that these people killed me and dragged me like a terrorist. He also said that the police did not even have any documents at the time of arrest.


Will issue a reply to the notice- Bagga

According to Bagga, the local police was not aware of this. At the same time, till now where the Punjab Police has come saying that five notices were sent before the arrest, which were not answered, now Bagga has said that yes I had received notices to which I have replied. He also said that he will release them in front of the media.

Openly challenges Kejriwal: Bagga

Bagga also said that there are people like Ahmatullah Khan, Nisha in Kajriwal’s party who call me a goon. As long as the leaders of the Aam Aadmi Party continue to speak against Kashmiri Pandits, they will continue to fight against our people. He said that I openly challenge Kajeriwal, “Do 100 FIRs, I am not afraid.”


Necessary steps will be taken for the safety of Bagga – MM

Tejinder Bagga’s lawyer Sanket Gupta says that under the MM order, the victim Tejinder Pal Singh Bagga was produced at MM’s house late on Friday night at 11:40 minutes. The police recovered Bagga from Haryana from where he was brought back to Delhi. According to Bagga, he has suffered injuries on his back and shoulder and he told before the court that he suffered this injury during the incident on Friday morning. Bagga ji told the magistrate that I want to go home, after which the magistrate sahib allowed him to go home. In front of the court, Bagga also said that I may be in danger in the future, on which MM asked the police to take necessary steps for the safety of Bagga.

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