Drink more or less…Alcohol is very bad for heart as well as health – Study


Although drinking alcohol is injurious to health, but many countries consider it safe to drink alcohol in moderation. The reality is that alcohol is more dangerous for our heart than we think. Heart attack cases are increasing rapidly in these countries. According to the World Health Organization, the consumption of alcohol is very high in the territory of the European Union. Everyone knows that drinking alcohol for a long time is fatal for the heart, but there is a lack of awareness in European countries about it. This study was conducted by the European Society of Cardiology (ESC). published


Dr. Bethany Wong of St. Vincent’s University Hospital in Dublin, Ireland, has told on the basis of this study that if you do not drink alcohol, then never start. If you drink alcohol, then reduce its quantity weekly, so that there is minimum damage to the heart.


How did the study happen?
It has been said in the study that it is very difficult to ascertain what is a safe level of drinking alcohol. For this, a study was conducted on 744 adults aged 40 years. Most of them were people who were suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity etc. That is, the risk of heart disease was more in these people.


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According to the Irish definition, they were given 10 grams of alcohol. The participants were divided into several groups on the basis of weekly, daily, low or no alcohol consumption. A total of 201 patients with excessive drinking were placed in the high anxiety grade. At the same time, there were 356 people who drank alcohol in small quantities. There were also 187 people who drank alcohol in limited quantities. It was found that alcohol is injurious to health in every situation.

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no benefit of alcohol
According to Dr. Wang, we did not see any benefit of drinking alcohol in moderation. All countries should insist on reducing alcohol consumption. For example, in Ireland, where cases of heart disease are high, the government should fix the drinking level of 17 units weekly for men and 11 units for women.

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