Eat fermented foods in summer, digestion will be fine, weight will be less, and there will be many more benefits


Benefits of Fermented Foods: Fermented food, which is colloquially called fermented food, most people do not eat it because there are many benefits of eating it, but eat it because they like its taste. If you also eat fermented foods only for taste, then today we tell you about its benefits. Eating yeast is beneficial for the stomach and intestines. In the summer season, eating nutritious and less oily spices keeps digestion and health good. Dietician Khushboo Sharma of Delhi-based Diet for Delight Clinic

Telling why fermented foods should be eaten in summer.

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Due to leaving any food for a long time, it gets fermented. During this, some such bacteria are produced in the food, which increase the quality of food. There is a slight sourness in the taste of fermented food. Idli, Dosa, Uttapam, Dhokla and Dahi are the names of selected foods that are prepared after going through the process of fermentation.


In which problem is it helpful?
-Fermented food keeps our body’s metabolism right. Due to this food is easily digested and problems related to stomach are reduced.
If the digestion is correct, then the serotonin chemical is released in the brain in a better way. It helps in keeping the mood good.
By taking fermented food, the need of vitamin B-12 in the body is fulfilled to an extent, due to which the person remains healthy.
-Fermented food contains pro-biotic bacteria. By consuming it, the stomach remains fine and immunity is good.
Metabolism remains fine with leavened food, digestion remains correct and immunity remains better. All these benefits are available in weight loss. However, for this one has to avoid fried food.
Fermented food is also beneficial for those who have the problem of irritable bowel syndrome.


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Eat Fermented Food But Carefully
If you like the sourness present in fermented food, then do not keep the food for a long time to make it more sour. Food kept for a long time can harm instead of benefiting health. Some people are allergic to fermented food, so in order to achieve good health, one should avoid eating food that has been forcibly fermented.

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