Eat green garlic to increase immunity, take care of health from heart to stomach


Benefits of Green Garlic: Garlic is consumed and used by everyone every day. Garlic is considered a panacea for many diseases. Garlic is also very healthy for the stomach. Like garlic, green garlic or green leaves of garlic are also considered healthy f or health. Green garlic is minced garlic, which is collected before the cloves mature. It has big green leaves. You can consume it as a vegetable, salad, soup or even as a chutney. Green garlic is known as a natural health remedy. Talking about the nutrients present in green garlic, it contains sodium, potassium, iron, calories, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, protein etc. It has been used for a long time to treat various ailments. Let us know about the benefits of green garlic.


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Benefits of eating garlic leaves or green garlic

boost immunity green garlic According to a report published in, green garlic has many health benefits, the most important of which is to strengthen the body’s immunity. Green garlic contains a sulfur compound called allicin, which is responsible for the smell of garlic. This particular sulfur substance enhances the immune system.


Rich in Anti-Bacterial Properties
Green garlic is rich in anti-bacterial properties. In addition, it also contains anti-inflammatory elements, which protect against many types of infections.

is rich in iron
Garlic leaves are rich in iron. People who have low blood count or are suffering from anemia in their body, they should definitely consume these leaves.

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Heart remains healthy with green garlic
Garlic is a great herb for the heart. Green garlic contains polysulfide, which protects the heart from diseases. This spring veggie is also beneficial for health, as it contains manganese. This mineral maintains the good cholesterol level (HDL) within the body. The more manganese there is in the body, the higher the amount of HDL will be present to maintain the heart better.

Prevent stomach infection
In addition to fighting cold and cough, green garlic is also effective in removing microbe infections that occur in the gastro-intestinal. You can eat green garlic regularly to avoid stomach related problems.

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