Eating too much jaggery can harm your health, consume it carefully in winter, know its disadvantages


Side Effects of Gur: People like the winter season better than summer, but as soon as winter comes, many types of diseases also start spreading rapidly. This is the reason why people become more health conscious in cold weather. Elderly and health experts recommend eating jaggery during cold days. Jaggery is full of many health benefits. Eating jaggery cleanses the blood and at the same time it also improves metabolism rapidly, due to which it also cures digestion.

times of India According to the news, jaggery is a rich source of many nutrients like iron, calcium, potassium, minerals. Jaggery is also known as a natural sweetener. However, if jaggery is eaten in excess, it can cause many types of damage. Let us know what are the disadvantages of eating too much jaggery…

Increases blood sugar
Jaggery is defin itely a natural sweetener and it contains many nutrients but still it is not completely beneficial for health. Often people say that excess of anything is bad and it is the same with jaggery. If you are a diabetic patient then its consumption will be harmful for you. Do you know that 100 grams of jaggery contains about 10-15 grams of fructose. Its daily intake will be harmful to your health.


can cause infection
Jaggery is prepared from sugarcane juice. It is mostly prepared in such a way that the condition is injurious to health. Many times the raw material used to prepare jaggery is not even cleaned properly, due to which the risk of diseases remains.


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food allergy risk
Eating more jaggery also increases the risk of food allergy. Sometimes, consumption of jaggery can also cause problems like abdominal pain, cold, cough, nausea, headache and vomiting.

Jaggery increases weight
Many times people consume jaggery thinking that it will not spoil their diet plan. But, it is not that jaggery also increases the weight but this is when you consume it more than a limited quantity. Jaggery is rich in fructose along with protein, fat. There are approximately 383 calories in 100 grams of jaggery.

Constipation can be a problem
Consuming jaggery in small amounts keeps our immunity and metabolism strong, but if consumed in excess, it can lead to unbalanced digestion. Jaggery is such a sweetener that is hot and eating more can increase heat in the body.

swelling can be a problem
Eating more jaggery can cause swelling in your body. Tell that the amount of sugar in jaggery is very high and if you eat more then it can cause swelling in feet, toes, hands.

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