‘ED’s attack was overcome by pinching the rebels who attended the yoga camp in Guwahati’


Maharashtra Political Crisis: in Maharashtra Eknath Shinde Due to the rebellious attitude of the state, there is a cloud of crisis on the Maha Vikas Aghadi government (MVA Govt). Meanwhile, Shiv Sena has taunted the BJP through its mouthpiece Saamana regarding the political crisis in the state. It has been written in the editorial of Saamana that who and from where there are about 40 yogis in the yoga camp in Assam, it is now known to the whole of India. About 40 MLAs brought away from Shiv Sena are in Guwahati. The doors and windows of Radisson Blue’s yoga camp are closed. The campers are in a coma-like state. That is why the anger of the atrocities on Kashmiri Pandits is not reaching them. BJP’s superpower etc., which are now being realized anew.


It has been further said in the Saamana that he quipped the ‘ED-PD’ against at least 7-8 people who had attended the Guwahati Yoga Camp. That’s why seven-eight campers became the perfect feet of the superpower. PM Modi has also been taunted through Saamana. It has been said that Modi is our respected Prime Minister. He has a great contribution in the promotion of yoga. Sometimes they go to Kedarnath to meditate and contemplate, but Guwahati’s meditation and contemplation is different. By catching the hired people, BJP is making their own cheers of ‘greatness’ from their mouths.


Taunt on BJP through Saamana

It has been written in Saamana that BJP taught a lesson to Pakistan, this is what the yoga camp chief of Guwahati must have felt, then why should his new superpower not teach the same lesson to China, who grabbed thousands of square kilometers of our land by entering Ladakh? The superpower pretends to mediate in the Russo-Ukraine war. But in the context of the innumerable problems which have created ruckus in our own country, there is a convenient silence. In the ‘Agniveer’ recruitment case, youths made strong agitations in many states. The superpower could not mediate in that. The world salutes the rising sun, but it is dark in every way at the yoga camp in Guwahati.


Opposition united on Guwahati yoga camp – Saamana

It has been further written in Saamana that Pakistan’s infiltration in Kashmir continues. A large number of Hindu Pandits are also being massacred. Hindus have to migrate from Kashmir, is this your superpower? This is a conspiracy to destroy Maharashtra. In the state of Assam where this yoga camp is going on, there has been an outcry due to floods. But the CM of Assam is spending his entire sadhna for ‘Radition Blue’ yoga camp. The entire opposition of the country has united due to the yoga camp in Guwahati. The power has to be established, the people have to be broken, the people have to buy, the legislators have to decorate the market, the country has started uniting against this trend. The world salutes the rising sun, but it is dark in every way at the yoga camp in Guwahati.

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