Expert advice of Ayurveda, keep distance from these three ‘C’ when constipated


If the stomach is not clean in the morning or if there is any problem in it, then it can not only hinder your daily schedule, but it also has a negative effect on health. There can be many reasons for this, such as a non-active (sedentary) lifestyle, unhealthy food habits, stress and irregular sleep. Although usually it can be managed. But if this constipation is going on for a long time, then you need immediate medical treatment.


Ayurveda expert Dr. Diksha Bhavsar (Dr. Dixa Bhavsar) shared a post on her Instagram related to Constipation. In this post, Dr. Diksha has mentioned the three C’s related to constipation. He says that it is very important to stay away from these three C’s in case of constipation. He wrote, ‘If you face daily difficulty in passing stools, then the matter is messed up.’


Dr Diksha says that in Ayurveda, cumin is called jeerak. It is derived from the word jeerna, which means digestion. So Jirak means ‘one who digests’. It increases Pitta (improves digestion), Laghu (mild in digestion) but is also Ruksha (dryer in nature) and Grahi (absorbent). It is wonderful for loss of appetite, diarrhoea, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) but not for constipation. Use cumin for everything, but not when you are constipated.


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Yogurt improves your taste, has a warming effect and it also balances Vata (which contains elements like air and space, it manages all movement in the mind and body). Also, it is grahi, which means it is absorbent and heavy to digest, which makes it “incompatible for constipation”. In such a situation, if you are constipated, then avoid curd till you get relief.

“We all believe that caffeine can stimulate the muscles in our digestive system and cause easy bowel movements. But caffeine (especially excessive caffeine) also causes dehydration, which can have the opposite effect and lead to constipation. So if you are constipated, avoid it or choose decaffeinated coffee.

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Dr Diksha Bhavsar says, “No one should start their day with tea/coffee, whether you are constipated or not. Instead, start your day with warm water or 1 tbsp of cow’s ghee, especially if you are constipated.

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