Fasted Cardio: When and who should do these exercises on an empty stomach?


What is Fasted Cardio: Everyone’s way of working out is different. Different things work for different people and they choose their workout based on their fitness goals, diet and weight. Many people take energy drinks and other food products before exercise, while some people prefer not to eat anything before exercise. Workout done on an empty stomach in the morning is called fasted cardio and it is one of the most effective ways to reduce fat. Let’s know about this amazing fitness routine, how it works.


What is Fasted-Cardio?
It is often advised to exercise first thing in the morning to keep your body energized and refreshed throughout the day. It is best to exercise early in the morning to lose weight in a skillful and fast way. Workout done on an empty stomach is called fasted cardio.


How effective is fasted cardio
Fasted cardio is effective and safe, as it converts the stored fat stored during exercise into energy instead of running it from the food you just eat. It helps in reducing the extra weight fast.

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When to Choose Fasted Cardio
If you are trying to lose weight, then you can go for an empty stomach routine, as it will help you burn more fat. Before making it a part of your routine, you should give it a try and see how your body responds. If you feel better after doing fast-cardio, do it. If you feel sick and nauseous while exercising after eating something, then it is best to go for fast cardio.

When to Skip Fasted Cardio
If you are building muscles, then you should avoid working out on an empty stomach and if you have any health problem, then ask the doctor. Do not do fast-cardio even if you have high BP, diabetes or any other disease. Also keep in mind that if you go for heavy exercise, then skip it, as your body needs fuel to do intense exercise.

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Tips for Safe Fasted Cardio

Try to limit your fasted cardio to a maximum of 60 minutes.
Do not do high intensity exercise on an empty stomach. Keep them low to medium.
Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water while exercising.

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