Fenugreek-Kalonji is effective from liver to diabetes, these are also benefits


Fenugreek Seeds And Kalonji Seeds Benefits : Fenugreek and Kalonji apart from enhancing the taste of our food are also very beneficial for health. Both Fenugreek and Kalonji seeds are rich in nutrients. If we use fenugreek and fennel seeds together, then you will also be surprised to see its benefits.

Talking about the specialty of fenugreek, dietary fiber, protein, folate, calcium and iron are found in abundance in it. Apart from this, kalonji contains fiber, calcium, vitamins, minerals and protein. onlymyhealth

According to this, the mixture of fenugreek and fenugreek proves beneficial in problems like digestion, liver problems and diabetes.

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Benefits of using Fenugreek and Kalonji

Improve digestion Fenugreek seeds and fennel seeds, if used together, are effective in reducing gas, bloating and abdominal pain. Its consumption helps in cleaning the intestines, relieving constipation and improving digestion.


Beneficial for liver Use with fenugreek and fennel seeds improves metabolic function and keeps the liver healthy. It protects the liver from damage and proves to be effective in controlling the problem of fatty liver.

Beneficial in diabetes Fenugreek seeds and Kalonji can be beneficial for diabetics. Consuming fenugreek and kalonji improves blood sugar level. Using these two together can also reduce insulin resistance. Fenugreek and fennel seeds also help in increasing the beta-cell function in the pancreas.


Beneficial for hair Fenugreek seeds and fenugreek seeds are rich in proteins, vitamins and other essential nutrients, which strengthen the hair from the roots. Fenugreek seeds are rich in potassium which prevents premature graying of hair.

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Cancer prevention- Fenugreek and Kalonji have anti-oxidant and anti-cancer properties which helps in reducing the risk of cancer. Apart from taking the help of these home remedies, definitely take expert’s suggestion in any problem.

Consume Fenugreek and Kalonji in this way
Take equal quantity of fenugreek and fennel seeds and boil both in a glass of water. If you do not like its taste, you can also add lemon juice, ginger and honey to it. It is beneficial to drink this mixture daily, but before trying any recipe, please consult an expert. If you want, soak fenugreek and kalonji in water overnight and drink this water in the morning.

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