Former Himachal Pradesh CM Shanta Kumar praises Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann


Shanta Kumar Praised Bhagwant Mann: Former Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Shanta Kumar has praised Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann for taking an extremely courageous step against corruption. . Shanta Kumar has said that Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has done a historic job of sending the Health Minister of his own government to jail on corruption charges. Shanta Kumar said that corruption has increased a lot in the country and this corruption is also the biggest enemy of the country today. Despite everything in the country, today crores of people of the country are in a state of starvation and due to this reason many are deprived of facilities.

Shanta Kumar said that if there was no corruption in the country, then India would be heaven today. He said that I congratulate him for this because god value

Has taken action against those who do corruption in their own party.

,Money madness took Singhla to jail,
Shanta Kumar said that Punjab Health Minister Vijay Singhla is a millionaire and the madness of money took him to jail. There should be a policy of no tolerance towards corruption. He said that a national president of the Bharatiya Janata Party was caught on camera taking a bribe of lakhs of rupees and had to give up. After this, in the meeting of the National Working Committee, I had said that lakhs of workers have bowed their heads in shame due to this incident. His resignation letter is not enough, he should be thrown out of the party as soon as possible.

,never compromised on corruption,
According to Shanta Kumar, Advani was angry with me about this, but Atal Bihari Bajpayee congratulated me for saying this with a gesture of hand. I am happy that I did not compromise with corruption anywhere in my life, even if I had to pay a big price for it.

Shanta Kumar has asked the leaders of the whole country to not only praise the wonderful courage done by the Chief Minister of Punjab, but also do the work of rooting out corruption like him.

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