Frequently troubled by burning in the chest, these home remedies will work


Home Remedies for Heartburn: Many people suddenly start having heartburn problem and they do not understand why this is happening. Actually, many times there is a burning sensation in the chest due to eating habits, overeating, consumption of unhealthy things, and habits. Many times, even after eating too much spicy food, the problem of heartburn starts. However, for this you do not need to eat any medicine, you can also overcome the problem of heartburn with some home remedies. The medicine has side effects, but home remedies are safe, as most of the remedies are done with natural ingredients.


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home remedies for heartburn
If there is a burning sensation in the chest, then you should chew mint flavored chewing gum. By chewing it, the effect will be soon and the burning sensation will be reduced. To keep your teeth and body healthy, chew only sugar free chewing gum.


Baking soda also treats heartburn. Put a quarter teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and mix it and drink it. The effect will start in 15 minutes and you will not have problems like restlessness, vomiting, heartburn.

If you want, you can also reduce heartburn by drinking chamomile tea. Many types of properties present in it remove the problem of heartburn. Consume this tea only after meals.


Do you know that even by eating a handful of almonds, the problem of heartburn goes away in half an hour. Its consumption benefits overall health. Make sure to consume some almonds after having a meal.

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The problem of heartburn can also be reduced with aloe vera. It is a natural herb which has cooling properties. In case of heartburn, drink juice made from fresh aloe vera gel. You will start feeling the difference in a few minutes.

Apple neutralizes the acid present in the stomach. Heartburn occurs due to acid. Whenever there is a burning sensation in the heart or stomach, then definitely try consuming an apple.

Chewing a piece of ginger or drinking ginger tea, decoction, etc., can also remove the problem of burning in the chest.

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