‘Generations have changed, still the boiling hot blood is the same’ – Shiv Sena’s attack through Saamana


Shiv Sena in Saamana: Shiv Sena has once again launched a scathing attack on political opponents through its mouthpiece ‘Saamana’. In the editorial of ‘Saamana’, there has been a strong attack on the BJP, while the black hat of the RSS has also been questioned. This editorial is around the rally of Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. It says that the audacity to undermine the Shiv Sena and pull it down will be overwhelming.

It was written in Saamana that a great meeting of Shiv Sena took place in Mumbai. Till date no one has been able to estimate the crowd gathering in Shiv Sena’s meetings. The beginning of the meeting in the open ground of BKC was in Bandra, then its other end went across Kurla. That is why the speaking of the mob pundits of the opposing party has also stopped.

Attack on opponents through ‘Saamana’

It is further written in the editorial that the crowd in the meeting was not only on the same ground. There were lakhs of people at the meeting place. The same number of people were trapped outside and the surrounding streets were also in a swirling wave of crowds. Shiv Sena is no longer the old one, seeing this ocean on the lips of those who spread such propaganda has been locked. Shiv Sena always means boiling hot blooded generation. The generations have changed, yet the boiling hot blood remains the same. The assessment of Shiv Sena’s political opponents is falling short, so their guesses in the context of Shiv Sena are proving to be wrong every day. Yesterday’s Mahaprachanda assembly has made the soil of all the opponents pale. Seeing the crowd of the gathering, Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray also spoke with enthusiasm and every one of his reprimands went into the mouth of the opponents.


attack on bjp

BJP leaders like Fadnavis were comparing this gathering to ‘Kataksha Sabha’, ‘Kataksha Bomb’ in this way. Let’s take it as true for once. If only Thackeray’s ‘sarcasm’ is so heavy, then how fierce will the direct wounds, blows and assaults be? The way jackfruit peels, in the same way Uddhav Thackeray peeled the opponents. In Kashmir, inhuman attacks of terrorists have started not only on Hindu Pandits but on patriotic citizens. A Kashmiri Pandit youth named Rahul Bhatt was attacked and killed by terrorists after entering the government office. After this the Hindu society of Kashmir came on the road. Police fired tear gas shells at Hindus. Hindu society raised slogans against Modi-Shah. Uddhav Thackeray asked sharp questions to the central government regarding these circumstances, ‘Where Rahul Bhat was killed, should the ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ be read now?’ From Kangana Ranaut to Navneet Rana, the central government has provided very special security to everyone.


‘Why no security to people like Rahul Bhatt’?

Security has also been tightened through Saamana. Talking about Maharashtra, there is a ‘cell’ of the central security system or the black market is going on. Speak casually against Shiv Sena, nationalist leaders and get a special squad of central security, such a ‘package’ has been issued. In Maharashtra, security has been provided to many poor people by the Center, it is funny. But people like Rahul Bhatt in Kashmir have no security and are being killed in broad daylight. This issue of Uddhav Thackeray is unique. You consider those wearing saffron caps as ardent Hindutvaists. Then how is the RSS cap black? Now the Sangh will have to answer this question.

Allegations of misuse of central investigative agencies

There has also been an allegation of misuse of central investigative agencies through Saamana. By misusing the central investigative agencies, BJP is eliminating political opponents. If there are those who follow us from false paths, then they will not show mercy-may-forgiveness towards you. Thackeray gave such a warning that he will force him to flee from Maharashtra. At present, politics is going on in the name of Dawood, but if Dawood says tomorrow, I also come in BJP, then it will be purified immediately. He should not be surprised if he sits next to BJP leaders as a minister.

Taunt on Raj Thackeray

Along with this, Raj Thackeray has also been taunted through the editorial. Raj Thackeray’s politics has become confusing and BJP is using him. They are roaming around with a feeling like the arrival of Balasaheb Thackeray, BJP’s game is behind it. How will you shed the winds of Hindutva by filling such air in a torn tube? The fire of inflation, unemployment is burning in the country. Modi is distributing food grains free of cost but gas prices have crossed thousand so how to cook food? Talk about that inflation or Bhonge and fight on ‘Hanuman Chalisa’? BJP has not got any Hindutva contract. When Thackeray attacks BJP’s Hindutva as poisonous, vicious and perverted, then what will be the relationship between Shiv Sena-BJP, it gets exposed.

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