Government will prepare multi-modal integration at IIT and Panchsheel Park metro station


Delhi Government Developing Multi Modal Integration: The Delhi government will develop multi-modal integration at IITs and Panchsheel Park Metro Station. This will facilitate the movement of thousands of people daily. The Delhi government will build both these multi-modal integrations at a cost of Rs 4.59 crore.

Deputy Chief Minister and PWD Minister Manish Sisodia said that multi modal integration is being developed at both the metro stations to provide better last mile connectivity to the commuters. With its construction, passengers will be able to get bus, auto, e-rickshaw and other means of transport easily.


Also, people will get a world-class travel experience and save their time. Manish Sisodia said that by working together PWD and DMRC, the cost of this project will also come down and the construction work will also be completed on time. The construction work of both the multi-modal integration is expected to cost around Rs 4.59 crore.


What will be the benefit of the project?
In this regard, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said that working together with PWD and DMRC will not only reduce the cost of this project work but will also save time. Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said that MMI is being prepared at these metro stations to improve the inconvenience caused to the passengers and last mile connectivity.

With this, thousands of passengers traveling from these two stations every day will get direct benefit from this. Also, it will help in taking the last mile connectivity forward. He said that after the completion of this work, the problem of jam at both the stations will also be solved.


What facility will the Transport Corporation provide?
After this joint work of Delhi Metro and PWD, the Transport Corporation along with other departments will be provided the facility of travel to the home and office to the passengers. Under this, apart from buses, better arrangements will be made for other modes of transport including bus autos, e-rickshaws.

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said that our focus is on integrating development works by various agencies, which will not only reduce the cost of the projects, but also save the time taken for its completion and as a result the public will face less hardship.

What work is the government doing?
In fact, the government claims that this Multi-Modal Integration (MMI) includes improving the existing pedestrian route by constructing CC paver blocks, improving the carriageway of vehicles by DBC, drain work like MS railing, road fixtures, road marking and other works. Will be included.

After alighting at metro stations, most places have to rely on local means of transport to reach home-office. In such a situation, along with giving convenience to the people, this facility will also save their time. Under multi-modal integration, all the transport options will be available at one place. This will increase the convenience of the people, on the other hand, those traveling in train, metro, bus or taxi will not have any problem in reaching any end of the capital.

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