Hair Transplant and Precautions: What is Hair Transplant? Take special care of these things after surgery


Types of Hair Transplant and Precautions : Our hair contributes a lot to the beauty of our face, if there is no hair then the face looks quite strange. Everyone wants thick hair but in this hectic life our lifestyle has changed rapidly. Our diet has also changed a lot and all this has had a great impact on our hair. Both women and men are facing the problem of baldness, but this problem is more visible in men.

The problem of baldness is due to many reasons, sometimes we have this problem due to our habits and sometimes we get genetically baldness. Due to lack of hair, we start looking old before time. healthline

According to the news of this, in the last few days, to get relief from the problem of baldness, there has been a rapid increase in people’s attraction towards hair transplant. Let us know what is hair transplant, how much it costs and what precautions should be taken after getting it done.

What is hair transplant
If you have lost hair on your head and you have started looking bald, then you can get hair again at the bald area through hair transplant. Hair transplant is a procedure in which a plastic surgeon or dermatological surgeon transplants the hair onto the bald area of ??the head. Experts usually remove the hair on the back or side of the head to replace the baldness. Anesthesia is also given to the patient before the hair transplant so that he does not feel pain.


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There are many types of hair transplant but its two methods are the most popular and most people use them for transplant. The first method is Follicular Unit Transplantation and the second method is Follicular Unit Extraction. The hair applied with both these methods looks like a natural thing and you can also cut and color them.


Take these precautions after transplant

In hair transplant, a kind of operation is done in the head, so after its completion, we need to take precautions for several months….

  • Avoid using any kind of helmet or cap after the transplant.
  • After the hairtrans plant, you do not have to touch the hair planted on the bald area for about 7-8 days.
  • After surgery, the doctor will give you antibiotics and painkillers to eat for several days, use them regularly.
  • When you wash your hair for the first time after a hair transplant, wash it only under the supervision of doctors.
  • Never comb wet hair after bath or after transplant.
  • For hair growth, eat a balanced diet as much as possible and give priority to green vegetables and fruits in the diet.

  • After the transplant, shampoo the hair as per the advice of the expert so that any kind of dirt, or blood or oil can not accumulate in your scalp. This will also keep you away from post-surgery infections.
  • If you want to color your hair, then consult an expert. By the way, do not use any kind of color on the head for at least 14 days.
  • Avoid using shampoo, spray, gel or any other hair products on your scalp without a doctor’s advice.

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