Hardik Patel was furious when Bharat Singh Solanki made a statement on Ram Mandir, know what he said?


Gujarat Congress News: Politician and social activist Hardik Patel, who gave a major setback to the Congress ahead of the upcoming assembly elections in Gujarat, has now made serious allegations against the Congress. In fact, recently, Hardik Patel has accused senior Congress leader Bharat Singh Solanki of harming the faith of Hinduism on the so-called Ram temple statement.

He said in one of his tweets that I had said earlier also that the Congress party works to hurt the sentiments of the public, always trying to damage the faith of Hinduism. Today former Union Minister and Gujarat Congress leader made a statement that dogs urinate on the bricks of Ram temple..!


Hardik Patel said in another tweet that I want to ask Congress and its leaders that what is your enmity with Lord Shri Ram? Why hate Hindus so much? After centuries, the temple of Lord Shri Ram is also being built in Ayodhya, yet the Congress leaders keep making statements against Lord Shri Ram.

Recently resigned from Congress

Let us inform that Hardik Patel, who was the working president of Congress in Gujarat, resigned on Wednesday. Patel had said through his resignation letter that the Congress party has been reduced to only the politics of protest. Whereas the country needs an alternative. He had said that the country needs an alternative that thinks about their future and has the ability to take the people of our country forward.

After the Congress’s Chintan Shivir, Hardik Patel is the second big leader who has resigned from the party. Recently, Hardik had met Rahul Gandhi. Hardik Patel, who was the leader of the Patidar reservation movement, has criticized the Congress in the past and has also raised questions about the leadership of the party. At the same time, he is constantly praising BJP. In such a situation, there is speculation of his life in BJP and now this speculation has intensified after meeting the BJP leader.

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