Haryana’s Yash won gold in Under-18 javelin throw, Delhi’s direction won women’s


Haryana News: Yash, a 17-year-old from Haryana, won a gold medal in the youth under-18 category at the 4th AFI (Athletics Federation of India) India Open javelin throw event on Sunday. Yash covered a distance of 67.42 meters in his opening throw at the JRD Tata Sports Complex in Jamshedpur. This is the best performance by an Indian athlete at the under-18 level since September 2019.


He then covered 65.21, 63.24, 64.05, 65.46 and 57.85 metres. At present, Madhya Pradesh has got second place and Uttar Pradesh third in India Open javelin throw competition held at JRD Tata Sports Complex. During this, Himanshu Mishra of Madhya Pradesh made the second place by throwing javelin for 66.40 meters. On the other hand, Sanoj Yadav from Uttar Pradesh has won the bronze medal by throwing 60.92 meters javelin.


Earlier, Delhi’s Disha won the gold medal with 34.87 meters in the girls’ under-16 category. Delhi’s Disha won the 34.87m javelin throw gold medal in the girls’ event. After which Muskan Patel of Uttar Pradesh threw the javelin up to 34.30 meters and managed to win the silver medal. Tanisha Yadav of Rajasthan made her place in the third place by throwing a javelin up to 31.20 meters.

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