Health Tips: Keep these things in mind before starting the gym, otherwise you may get upset


Gym Precautions and Safety Tips: It is the dream of every youth to have an attractive body. To build a good body, a large number of people go to the gym and sweat for hours. This craze is increasing rapidly. People of different ages are joining gyms and trying to keep themselves fit. However, before joining the gym, everyone should know some important things. If you exercise incorrectly, then it can prove to be harmful for your body. Let us know from the fitness trainer about what kind of precautions should be taken during the gym.


What is a fitness trainer

GFFI Fitness Academy (Delhi) trainer Pankaj Mehta It is said that people of any age from 8 years can join gym. However, all these people should exercise according to the instructions of a ‘qualified instructor’. People who are suffering from diabetes, hypertension, arthritis or other medical conditions should consult a doctor before joining the gym. Apart from this, such people should do gym only under the trainer of ‘Special Population Group’.


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Keep these things in mind during gym

According to Pankaj Mehta, everyone should come to the gym wearing comfortable clothes. To keep yourself hydrated, you should bring a water bottle and energy drink with you. Heavy food should not be eaten before coming to the gym, it can cause acidity problem. Energy drink or any fruit can be eaten before gym. They say that everyone should exercise according to the biochemical technique of the trainer. Failure to do so may result in harm instead of benefit. Those who are exercising at home, they should start with walking and running.


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Negligence can be costly

According to fitness trainers, exercising in the wrong way can break the connective tissues of the body. There can be strain in the muscles and sometimes there is a possibility of injury. To avoid this, you should always exercise on the basis of the instructions of the gym trainer. According to him, protein-rich foods should be included in the diet during the gym. If you take a healthy diet, then the full effect of exercise will be visible on your body. They say that instead of protein powder, you should try to get protein in a natural way. If you still need protein powder, then definitely take expert advice.

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