Healthy Foods For Summer: Do these things in the diet in summer


Healthy Foods For Summer: Due to the heat, the condition of the people is miserable. Because of this, most of the people have started making changes in their daily diet plan to stay healthy and fit. Some people prefer healthy and light food to avoid the heat, while some people keep eating spicy things, which can also worsen digestion. If you do not want to fall ill in summer, then you can add a double dose of test and health to the diet by adopting some healthy foods.

In the summer season, it is not enough to eat light food, but it becomes equally important to fulfill the deficiency of nutrients in the body. In summer, many people start having stomach problems. In such a situation, you can not only make the food tasty by making some things a part of your daily diet routine, but you can also be successful in keeping the stomach healthy by eating light food.


Idli is full of nutrients


Generally all South Indian food is quite healthy. At the same time, Idli is also rich in nutrition as well as being light, it is easily digested. If you want, you can consume idli with curd.

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eat gooseberry jam

Amla is considered a good source of Vitamin C. On the other hand, gooseberry jam is not only tasty, but it is also effective in getting rid of the problem of gas, constipation, acidity and stomach pain in summer. Apart from this, the taste of gooseberry is cold. Due to which, by consuming gooseberry jam on an empty stomach every morning, the stomach remains cool and there is no effect of heat on the stomach.


Moong dal will be very healthy

Being rich in nutrition, moong dal contains protein, iron, calcium, vitamins, anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial properties. In such a situation, the consumption of moong dal works to complete the deficiency of nutrients in the body. At the same time, it helps in keeping the stomach healthy by making the digestive system strong. You can include moong in your diet through different dishes.

Make curd a part of the diet

Eating curd in summer can prove to be very beneficial. Yogurt is rich in protein, calcium, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. Due to which consuming curd not only keeps health better but also removes problems like gas and acidity.

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eat khichdi

Khichdi is easily digested as it is a light food. Also, it can be made healthy by adding some vegetables to the khichdi. Including khichdi in your diet will keep your digestive system strong.(Disclaimer: This article in Gave Went information And Notifications General beliefs Feather based Huh, Hindi news18 their Confirmation No does is, These Feather Execution to do from First related specialist from Contact do,

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