Heart disease due to excessive sugar consumption, there is a risk of weight gain, why sugar is bad for health, know 5 reasons



Excess consumption of sugar can promote diabetes.
Sugar can increase the amount of calories in the body.
Eating more sweets can increase obesity.

Why sugar is bad for health: To make the body healthy, all types of nutrients are required such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats and minerals. Sugar is also a type of simple carbohydrate, which is naturally present in some foods and beverages. Consuming too much sugar can lead to many health problems like weight gain, diabetes, cavities and high BP. Due to these diseases caused by excessive consumption of sugar, the body becomes weak and hollow from inside. To keep the body always healthy and fit, it is necessary that sugar should be consumed in a certain quantity.


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lack of nutritional value
Sugar lacks nutritional value and is high in calories. medicalnewstoday According to, Adding sugar to any food item can lead to an increase of more calories in the body. Generally, the body digests food items quickly, due to which diseases can easily occur in the body.

gaining weight
Consuming more sugar can lead to weight gain. Sugar can affect biological pathways that control appetite. Because of which hunger is high and people consume more calories. Eating more calories can lead to obesity.


There is a direct link between sugar and type 2 diabetes. Although sugar does not cause diabetes, any type of high calorie diet can cause type 2 diabetes. Many foods naturally contain sugar, the consumption of which also increases the risk of diabetes.

cavities in teeth
Consuming sugar can cause tooth decay, Due to which cavity can develop. After eating sugar, bacteria in the mouth form a thin layer of plaque on the teeth. These bacteria react with the sugar present in any food item.

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heart disease
Taking a high sugar diet can increase the risk of heart disease. People who consume more sugar, their chances of death from heart disease are higher than those who eat normal sugar. Sugar contains more calories, due to which the pressure on the heart can increase. Excess consumption of sugar can increase many health problems. Although, it is also necessary to have the amount of sugar in the body, but it can be consumed less.

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