Heartburn Problems: Heartburn problem in pregnancy bothers you, these special tips will give you relief



Uterus enlargement during pregnancy can cause heartburn
Eat small meals and avoid overeating
Antacids and Ginger Candy Relieve Heartburn in Pregnancy

Tips for Heartburn in Pregnancy : Pregnancy brings many difficulties along with happiness for women. During pregnancy, women have to face hormonal changes, stomach problems, discomfort and do not know what to do. Most women are troubled by heartburn during pregnancy. During this, the uterus takes up more space due to the baby and the stomach is not able to do its work well, which has a direct effect on the digestion.


Acids that digest food in the stomach start moving upwards into the esophagus, causing the problem of heartburn. This heartburn indicates that the food is not being digested properly, which makes both the baby and the mother unhealthy. In such a situation, if this problem can be avoided by taking care of small things, then let us know some such easy tips, which can give a diagnosis to the problem of heartburn in pregnancy.


Follow these tips to get rid of heartburn problem in pregnancy:
, According to healthline.com Avoid lying down or sleeping after eating, try to sit for a while or if possible, take a light walk, it will strengthen the digestion and prevent heartburn.


Avoid eating too much food at once. It would be better than overeating to keep eating food intermittently for a short time. Chew the food and eat slowly, this will give relief to the stomach and the stomach will be able to digest well.

– Consumption of food before sleeping is the cause of indigestion and heartburn, avoid it. It would be better to drink milk or water while eating, that they should be consumed at other times of the day, doing this also gives benefit in heartburn.

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Vomiting and dizziness are sometimes felt with heartburn. In such a situation, ginger candy or plain ginger gives benefit and reduces the problem.

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Antacids containing calcium and magnesium can also treat heartburn. Keep in mind that do not take antacids containing aluminum during pregnancy.

Identify food items that cause heartburn and avoid their consumption. These food items may be different for everyone.

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