At the present time the most important topic to discuss is the corona virus disease which has created havoc throughout the world. As we know that if we want to keep ourselves a few steps away from this pandemic we need to follow some guidelines  as suggested by the concerned authorities.

The list includes wearing masks in public, following social distancing norms and also ensuring that we don’t invite this disease to our home, offices or where we spend most of our time.


Well in this blog I will put some lights on a device which can help you to keep yourself safe from this pandemic. So let’s introduce this product or a great device one can say which is named as Hesley non contact infrared thermometer.

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Why is it a necessity?

It’s a prime necessity because as we know that lockdowns are lifted now and for running a family we have to step out from our home, also if you are running a business or in any work field you can’t afford more leave and probably you will have to resume your work which will provide many challenges to face which mostly includes staying away from those who may be prone to covid-19.

But how will you get to know that someone is prone to covid-19?

So here the need of this device arises.


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About Hesley Non Contact Infrared Thermometer?

Hesley non contact  infrared thermometer is a device presented by Hesley as its latest infrared thermometer e122 bioland ltd series. It is used to measure body and surface temperature. It is designed in germany.

Below are some of its specifications:

  • O.1 degree celsius/degree fahrenheit display precision.
  • Both celsius  and fahrenheit measurement units.
  • 89.6 degree farhenheit-109.22 degree fahrenheit rated output range.
  • I second measurement time which means it can give you results within a minute.
  • Power gets off automatically after 60 seconds.
  • Lightweight device.
  • Easy to handle in hand.


About Hesley

They provide various products which are suitable for the healthcare industry. They make various designs which are reliable as well as perfect for our use. When we talk about thermometer brands Hesley comes first.

What does this device do?

This device  measures the body temperature of an individual without coming in physical contact with them. It makes us aware of the health condition of an individual on whom it is tested.

Will this device work ?

The answer is yes because this device is made in a  perfect manner and its outcomes are appreciable so it will work for sure.

Who can use this device?

It’s a common question among us that for what kind of person this product is made. Is it for medical purposes only or everyone can use it. Well this device can be handled by anyone for example the one who opens the door of your house when someone comes to see you or a watchman or security staff who first welcomes someone who comes to meet you.


How to use Hesley Non Contact Infrared Thermometer ?

  • When you unbox this device the first thing you have to do is to insert the batteries into it.
  • Now you will have to press the  power button to make it turn on.
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  • After that you will have to choose as per your motive to have this device , it can be either object temperature mode or body temperature mode.
  • Then select your desired unit of measurement.
  • Now the moment  comes when you will be testing its functionalities on a person  so here is what you need to do .
  • Keep the device at a distance of 3-8 centimeters away.
  • This will give you accurate results.
  • Then press the test button.
  • You will get the results within a second.
  • Now check the temperature and determine if it is normal or not.

[NOTE : If the device doesn’t comes into use for 60 seconds, it will automatically switch off]

Some more features in detail

 AAA battery or triple A battery:

It is a dry cell battery which is used in low drain portable electronic devices.

Head mode for body temperature:

It targets the forehead to measure the body temperature that is why it is also known as forehead infrared thermometer.


It has a HD LCD large  backlight screen which is helpful in taking readings at night.


Green light : It means the body has normal temperature.

Yellow light: It means the body has little fever.

Red light: It means the body has very a high fever.


  • It has a 5 years service life.
  • Made for continuous use after every 30 seconds.
  • Measurement range is good.
  • Provides an option for unit selection.
  • Suitable for both body and object temperature.
  • Easy to hold up.


  • Little expensive in price.
  • Available on online stores mostly.



So after this much detail, I have come to a conclusion that this device is very much good for our personal as well as our official use. I personally own this device and it works very well. It’s been two months of me using this  device and I have tested this on many people and the results were totally accurate. Since this device is perfect for measuring  both body temperature as well as object temperature so everyone who can afford must own it.

Hesley Non Contact  Infrared Thermometer (FAQ)

What is an infrared thermometer?

An infrared thermometer is  a thermometer which measures thermal radiations  emitted by the object or body.

How to purchase?

You can buy it from amazon or any online store wherever it is available.

Is there any guarantee or warranty card?

Yes,it comes with a warranty card.

Is it FDA approved?

Yes, it is FDA approved .

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