High consumption of ginger can lower blood pressure, know its other side effects


Ginger Side Effects: Ginger is used in almost every household. It is known for its wonderful taste. For many people, morning tea is incomplete without adding ginger. Not only as a spice, but ginger has been used as a traditional remedy in many cultures for thousands of years because of its many health benefits. To get more benefits, some people start consuming it more, which causes harm instead of benefit. Many such cases have been seen, where it aggravates many types of health problems. Let’s know about its side effects.


cause of bleeding
Since ginger has antiplatelet properties, excessive consumption of ginger can lead to bleeding. Not only this, if it is consumed with cloves or garlic, then it increases the risk of bleeding even more.


risk of diarrhea
Consuming ginger in large quantities can speed up the passage of food and stool through the intestines and eventually lead to disturbance, which can lead to a feeling of restlessness and weakness.

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heart problems
Consuming more ginger also has a negative effect on heart beats. Excessive consumption of this herb is believed to cause blurred vision, heart palpitations and insomnia. It can also lower blood pressure, which can result in a heart attack.

Skin and eye allergies
The most common symptoms of major side effects caused by excessive consumption of ginger are skin rashes, redness of the eyes, shortness of breath, itching, swollen lips, itchy eyes and sore throat. In such circumstances, it is advisable to seek medical help immediately.

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unsafe during pregnancy
Consuming ginger more than the prescribed limit of 1500 mg daily can also lead to miscarriage, so it is advised to avoid too much ginger during pregnancy and consume it only after consulting a doctor. .

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