Hindu side claims – ruins of idols found in basements, mischievous elements had filled the soil


Gyanvapi Masjid Dispute: The survey of the five rooms of the basement in Gyanvapi Masjid has been completed. Tomorrow there will be survey videography again. During this, the Hindu side claimed that all the evidence is in our favor. The ruins of idols have been found in the cellars. The Hindu side said that the soil was filled by mischievous elements in the basement, it was cleaned. In the Lingayat society, there is a practice of ling donation in Kashi, broken lingas of that tradition have been found in the basement.


The survey proceedings were started in the presence of all the parties on Saturday morning on the order of the court to bring out the truth of Gyanvapi complex of Varanasi. During the survey in the presence of the court commissioner, the entire team inspected each and every item closely. Court commissioner Ajay Mishra and 52 people from the plaintiff-respondent side went inside the premises. After the survey, the above places have been sealed again. The plaintiff-respondent side fully cooperated in the survey work.


Special cameras and lights were arranged for videography of the entire complex. Tight security arrangements were in place around the Gyanvapi campus. The DGP and the Chief Secretary were monitoring the entire matter. According to the time fixed by the court, this survey will run till 12 noon. This survey will continue till it is completed. Its report will be presented before the court on May 17. Earlier, the survey proceedings had started on 6th May, which was halted on 7th May due to the uproar.


Court had ordered to conduct survey

It is worth mentioning that Delhi resident Rakhi Singh and four other women had filed a petition seeking permission for regular worship of Shringar Gauri and ordering the security of various deities located in the premises. On this, the court of Civil Judge (Senior Division) Ravi Kumar Diwakar had issued an order on April 26 and ordered a videography survey of the Gyanvapi-Sringar Gauri complex to be submitted by May 10. The court had appointed Ajay Mishra as the court commissioner for this.

The court commissioner and the plaintiff who came to conduct the survey were opposed by the Muslim side. On May 9, the Muslim side raised questions on the impartiality of the court commissioner and demanded his removal. There was a three-day debate in the court regarding this and then a Varanasi court rejected the application for removal of court commissioner Ajay Mishra. Along with this, Vishal Singh was appointed as Special Court Commissioner and Ajay Pratap Singh as Assistant Court Commissioner. The court made it clear that videography would be done inside the Gyanvapi mosque as well. After which the survey work started in Gyanvapi Masjid from today.

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