Hindu side’s lawyer claims – evidence of Hinduism found from Gyanvapi, hearing must be held


Gyanvapi Hearing in District Court:The hearing in the Gyanvapi case is going to be held in the district court at 2 pm today. Will you tell me what might happen during the hearing?

answer – In the Gyanvapi case, Hindu side lawyer Harishankar Jain while talking to ABP News said, “Today is a very important hearing. Today is the first date after the order of the Hon’ble Supreme Court when the Gyanvapi case will be heard in the District Court. Today the District Judge will decide that when will the hearing of 7/11 be held, what will be the process? And simultaneously taking objections on the report of the Advocate Commissionerate that has come, there should be an order about what will happen to both the parties. And at the same time, the video chip that is there should be given to us so that we can give our answer after seeing it.

Question- Under the 1991 law which is being called the Worsip Act, the situation will remain the same as in 1947, what are you people arguing on this and how will you try to reject it?

answer- There is a misnomer in the public and this misnomer has been started by Muslims. It is that if you have said a mosque, then it should be assumed that it is a mosque. While the Hon’ble Supreme Court has its own observation, evidence can be given about its religious nature, what was its religious character. We have not one but hundreds of evidences, which proves that the religious condition that was in 1547 was that of a Hindu temple, so the court will have to decide what is its status. Second thing which is the application of 7/11, first let me tell what is 7/11? After the order of the CPC, Rule-11 says that if a suit is not maintainable, then the opposition, that is, the defender, can file that the suit should be dismissed. So they have submitted that this suit is obstructed by the Place of Worship Act, so if it is not tried, then the court has to see whether it can be tried with 7/11 or not. Right now the court will not go into the matter that what is the religious situation there. Because the religious situation depends on the evidence, the evidence has not started yet and when the evidence starts, we will also give the evidence and the opposition will also have to give evidence.


Question- The Muslim side is saying that this matter is not even worth hearing, so what will you say on this?

answer- That is why I am answering that you have listened to the Muslim side, now listen to us too. The Muslim side may say that it is not worth hearing, but we are saying that the hearing should be done. Because in 1947, worship was being done at all these places and till 1992-93, Maa Shringar Gauri has been worshipped. All the statements that have been made are before the court on these matters. In 1996, there was a commission, in that commission report it is also there that worship is being done at different places in the temples. Worship was also being done in the basement which was in the possession of Ayodhya, so the complete religious nature of the whole will be seen on this matter, what is the religious nature of the building. Secondly, if a temple was demolished and the structure of a mosque was erected, will it be called a mosque?


Such cases should be decided according to Hindu and Muslim law
Harishankar Jain said, in such a situation, you will have to look at both Hindu law and Muslim law at that time. According to Hindu law, if any land or place has been given to God, then it will remain the life of the deity, no one can touch it even the doom. In the same way, Muslim law says, to become a holy mosque, it is necessary to have a Waqf and there is no Waqf here and there cannot be a mosque without Waqf. Their claim that this is a mosque is completely baseless. These people occupied a part by breaking the Hindu structure. Evidence is needed to show that possession which they do not have, we have evidence which proves that there was a temple, there are signs of the spire, the marks of the damru, the marks of the trident, the marks of the bell as there are Hindu deities.

Hearing to be held in Varanasi District Court at 2 pm
Now the decision is about to come from the District Judge Sahib and the biggest thing is that the Shivling has come out there. This whole case is in our favor. All the claims, all the evidence and all the evidence are from the Hindu side. At the same time, the Muslim side is talking air-to-air about this, it has only aerial claim that it is a fountain. If it is a fountain, then prove it to the Muslim side and show it, from where the water used to go, what kind of machine is used, how it throws water, prove these things.

Question- In the hearing that has been held so far in the Supreme Court, two things have come to the fore, one is the Supreme Court said that the place from where the Shivling has come out should be preserved, secondly, the Muslim side, they go to offer Namaz as before. Will stay Do you agree with the stand of the Supreme Court so far?

answer- The Supreme Court has given a balance view, Namaz should not be there, it is absolutely wrong to have Namaz, there is no right to have Namaz, but if Namaz has been going on for a long time, then I am also not going to stop it completely. I would say that the prayer should be stopped. So the Supreme Court has taken a balanced decision that the place of Shivling should be kept safe and they should be allowed to offer Namaz, now it will be decided in the court that the entire place belongs to the temple, it should be given to the Hindu side.

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