How much did Hardik Patel, who said ‘…the pale merchants change’?


Hardik Patel: After resigning from the Congress party, Hardik Patel, leader of the Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS), is constantly criticizing his old party. Hardik Patel is targeting Congress by referring to Hindus and temples. On Tuesday itself, in a tweet, Hardik Patel questioned the Congress that why the Congress and its leaders hate Hindus so much? After these statements of Hardik Patel, the discussion of his earlier statements has also started.

There was a time when Hardik Patel used to talk about staying in Congress till his death. When Hardik joined the Congress, he had said, “I have joined Congress, then I am being called a traitor. At the same time, if I had joined BJP, I would have been established as a big leader.” Apart from this, Hardik Patel had said after the results of the Gujarat Assembly by-elections that “the traders change because of defeat and victory, not the followers of ideology, I will fight, win and I will remain in Congress till my death.” In this by-election, all the eight seats of Congress candidates were defeated.


Told Congress a casteist party
At the same time, Hardik Patel is calling Congress a casteist party. He said that whether it is Patidar community or any other community in Gujarat, they have to suffer in Congress. If you speak the truth in Congress, big leaders will defame you and this is their strategy. It is unfortunate that Gujarat Congress does not give respect to Dalits, Adivasis and Patidars. They have never had any vision for the development of Gujarat, on the contrary, the party leaders are full of negativity. I didn’t get a chance to work. The trust I had in the Congress, neither did they come true nor I could live up to it. Neither I got a chance to work nor did he ever give me work. When we asked for work, then they got a problem, if they had asked for the post, they might have given it.


Questions have also been raised about the Congress leadership
Along with criticizing the Congress, Hardik Patel, who was the leader of the Patidar reservation movement, has also raised questions about the leadership of the party. He had said that, “Whenever Rahul Gandhi comes to Gujarat, he does not talk about a single issue of the state. When he comes here, Congress leaders discuss which sandwich to give him or which Diet Coke. It has to be given. Only it is discussed. Congress uses people for profit. Whenever a party person raises his voice, allegations are started against him.”

Wasted 3 years in Congress – Hardik


Hardik said, “I wasted 3 years of my political and social life by staying in Congress, even if I was outside, I could have worked more for the interests of the state.” Talking to Aaj Tak recently, he had said that when my father was alive, he used to say about the Congress that Hardik has joined the wrong party. But now everyone is happy in the family.

Congress accused of hating Hindus
Apart from this, Hardik Patel again targeted the Congress by tweeting on Tuesday itself. He wrote, “I had said earlier also that the Congress party works to hurt the sentiments of the people, always tries to damage the faith of Hindu religion. Today the former Union Minister and Gujarat Congress leader made a statement that Ram Dogs urinate on the bricks of the temple..!” Hardik did not stop here, he even accused the Congress of hating Hindus. He wrote, “I want to ask Congress and its leaders, what enmity do you have with Lord Shri Ram? Why so much hatred for Hindus? After centuries, a temple of Lord Shri Ram is also being built in Ayodhya, yet Congress leader Lord Shri Ram Keep on making nonsense statements against him.”

Praising BJP
Hardik Patel has written in his resignation that the Congress has been limited only to the politics of protest. The people of the country do not protest, they want an alternative that thinks about their future. He said that whether it is the issue of CAA-NRC, removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir or implementation of GST, the country wanted a solution to them for a long time, but the Congress party continued to act as a hindrance. BJP’s strategy never comes out, but through sources in Congress all the important things come out, which causes damage.

What is the meaning of Hardik’s statements coming out?
However, while the difference can be clearly seen between the statements of Hardik Patel before and now, many speculations are also being made after his recent statements. It is discussed that their issue is no longer just reservation. Earlier, where Hardik Patel used to talk only about Patidar reservation. At the same time, there is more talk of Hindus and temples in their statements. At the same time, he is also continuously praising BJP. In such a situation, there is also speculation of his knowing in BJP.

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