How to include ‘brain booster’ beet in your daily diet, know


Beetroot Benefits: Although not everyone likes to eat beetroot, but it cannot be denied that it has many benefits for your health. This maroon colored vegetable is rich in many nutrients ranging from minerals and essential vitamins to plant compounds, which are beneficial in the treatment of various diseases. Beetroot can also improve brain functioning. Yes, you read it right.

Our mental and cognitive functioning naturally declines with age. However, the nitrates in beetroot can improve brain function by promoting the dilation of blood vessels. It helps in increasing the flow of blood to the brain. Here are some ways in which you can include beetroot in your daily diet.


as a salad
The good thing about beetroot is that you don’t always need to cook it, you can have it straight as a salad. But if you are not able to consume it completely due to its taste, then you can add a little lemon or salt to it to enhance its taste. You can take it with every diet.


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Beet juice
If you are finding it difficult to chew it in its raw form, then you can make beetroot juice and take it during breakfast in the morning. If you are finding it difficult to drink only beet juice, then you can add some additional vegetables and fruits of your choice and make mixed fruit or mixed vegetable juice with beetroot.


Beet Paratha
Like the much-loved Aloo Paratha, Beetroot Paratha is a whole wheat roti stuffed with spicy beetroot. Unlike other parathas, beetroot parathas have a mildly sweet taste that comes from beetroot, which makes it stand out. You can serve this paratha with pickle or curd.

Beet Kebab
These delicious kebabs are prepared by grated carrots and beetroot and using oatmeal and spices. You can serve these kebabs with mint chutney as an evening snack to enhance the taste of these kebabs.

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Beet pudding
Beetroot halwa is a slow-cooking dessert prepared from grated beetroot, milk, sugar, cardamom and dry fruits. The unique color of this halwa will surely make you swoon. Not to be missed, it is packed with health benefits and flavour.

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