IAF leaves China’s PLA-Air Force behind, know what is the scale of WDMMA Global Rating?


AIR Force Global Ranking: Amidst the ongoing border dispute on the LAC, it is reported that the Indian Air Force has left China’s PLA-Air Force behind in the World Directory of Modern Military Aircraft (WDMMA) global rating. According to the World Directory of Modern Military Aircraft (WDMMA), this ranking is based not only on the number of aircraft that the Air Force has, but also on modernization, logistic support, defense and attack capabilities.

The US Air Force is number one in the WDMMA’s ‘True-Value Rating’ (TVOR). The US Navy is at number two and Russia is on the third. On the fourth and fifth are the Army Aviation and Marine Forces of America. India’s ranking is at number six while China is at number seven. India’s second neighboring country (enemy), Pakistan is at number 18. According to the rating of WDMMA, India has a total of 1645 fighter jets, helicopters and cargo aircraft. At the same time, there are a total of 2040 aircraft in China’s war fleet. Despite this, India’s ranking is above China.


Abhinandan enhances the credibility of IAF all over the world
According to WDMM, during the ranking, it was also taken care of which Air Force has the capability to perform special missions, who has how many bombers (aircraft) and how much is Close Combat Support (CAS). Numbers have also been given about how is the training of the Air Force and how is the indigenous aviation industry. Let us tell you that in recent years, whether Balakot air-strike against Pakistan or Wing Commander Abhinandan’s dog-fight, the credibility of the Indian Air Force has increased worldwide. China itself has also accepted the power of the Indian Air Force. A few years ago, when the Indian Air Force did Vayushakti and Gaganshakti exercises, the Chinese media compared the Indian Air Force with the US Air Force.


More indigenous fighter jets in the Indian Air Force
In the year 2020, when the border dispute with China started on the LAC adjoining eastern Ladakh, the speed with which the Air Force had transported tanks, BMP vehicles and other military equipment along with the soldiers to the forward location, the Chinese army was also stunned. . Apart from this, tremendous efforts are being made to promote the indigenous aviation industry in recent years. This is the reason why the Indian Air Force is increasing the squadron of more and more indigenous fighter jets, LCA Tejas. Apart from this, indigenous Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) has also recently been inducted into the Air Force.

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