If floor test is held in Maharashtra, who will be able to prove majority, know what equations are being made?


Floor Test in Maharashtra: Change is happening everyday in the politics of Maharashtra. Along with the chair of Uddhav Thackeray, the command of his party Shiv Sena seems to be going from his hands. The strength of Shiv Sena in the assembly is continuo usly decreasing. Till Thursday, Shiv Sena had 33 MLAs in Eknath Shinde’s camp, now it has increased to 38, 9 MLAs are independents and 2 MLAs are from Prahar Janshakti Party who are staying at Radisson Blu Hotel in Guwahati. Now all eyes are on the floor test to be held.


What if there is a floor test? First let us know what is this floor test. In this test it is decided whether the existing party has the numbers to form the government or not. The governor cannot interfere in this. At the same time, in an order of the Supreme Court, it has been said that the Governor cannot be deprived of the power to order a floor test. If the governor feels that the government has less numbers in the house, then he can call for a floor test if he wants.


who takes the floor test

According to the law, if the Assembly is in session, the Speaker can call for a floor test, but if the session is not going on, the Governor can call for a floor test under Article 163. Remember that in Maharashtra, only the Governor can call for the floor test because the assembly session is not going on there.

How many numbers are needed to prove majority

In Maharashtra’s 288-legislative assembly, any political party needs the support of 144 MLAs to prove its majority. Talking about the present government, Shiv Sena has 55 MLAs, NCP 53 MLAs and Congress 44 MLAs in the MVA government. Apart from this, there is support of one MLA each from MNS, Swabhini Paksha and Rashtriya Samaj Paksha and 6 independent MLAs. So at the same time BJP remains the main opposition party with 106 MLAs.


If BJP and Eknath Shinde come together

Now let’s talk about the equation that has arisen after Eknath Shinde became a rebel. Eknath Shinde After becoming a rebel, it is being said that the Uddhav government is running in a minority. Because Shinde claims that 38 MLAs of Shiv Sena are with him, along with the support of 9 independents and 2 Prahar Janshakti Party MLAs. Also if BJP comes together then BJP is the single largest party with 106 MLAs. So in such a situation, they can easily prove their majority and form the government.

Sanjay Raut’s own theory

Amidst all this, Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut has said that the strength of Shiv Sena has decreased in the assembly but the rebel MLAs will support the MVA in the floor test. The number may change at any time. He said that the loyalty of the rebel MLAs to the party will be tested only after they return to Mumbai. Talking to reporters, Raut admitted that the party’s strength in the assembly has been reduced due to the rebellion. But the numbers can change at any time. When the rebel MLAs return, their loyalty to Balasaheb Thackeray and Shiv Sena will be tested.

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