If the child is troubled by the pain of teething, then give him relief with these home remedies


Home Remedies for milk tooth: When the milk teeth of a small child are coming out, then the whole house along with the child gets upset. Children who are troubled by pain are able to tell their pain only by stopping. The process of teething for the first time is complicated. Apart from medicines, the family members want that the pain should be reduced in some way by adopting home remedies.

Most people shy away from using medicines on every little thing. Thinking about its side effects, prefer to do home remedies. Today we tell you about those indigenous remedies related to grandmothers, by adopting which a milk-mouthed child can be given some relief from the problem of teething.


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What to do when baby has milk teeth?
As the child grows, his nutritional needs also increase. This is the reason that after 6 months of being on a liquid diet, it is said that children should be given solid food. As the age of eating and chewing solid food comes, the teeth of the baby start coming out and this is where the pain and problems start.

Give coconut water to baby

During teething, the problem of diarrhea starts, due to which water keeps coming out of the body continuously. In such a situation, it will be helpful to give coconut water to keep the child hydrated. This will prevent the lack of water in the body, so that the child can avoid lethargy, fatigue and weakness.

Boil baboon flowers and give them a drink. Baboon (chamomile) flower relieves pain and swelling of gums. Add baboon flower powder to a cup of water and boil till the water reduces to half. Giving this water to the child after a while will reduce the pain. Baboon flowers or its powder will be available in the market.

Massage on gum It seems like a common treatment to say, but this method is very useful in giving comfort to the child. Wrap a clean cotton cloth on the finger and massage it by pressing lightly on the baby’s gums. This will give relief in pain.

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