If there are worms in the stomach of the child, then adopt these home remedies, the innocent will get relief


Worm in Kids stomach: Many times it is seen that children complain of loss of appetite, stomach upset or pain in the lower part of the stomach. If your children also complain like this, then take it seriously. Abdominal pain, irritability and physical weakness of the child can also be due to stomach worms.


The increasing craze of junk food and packaged drinks in children not only causes obesity, but its excessive use can also lead to the problem of worms in children’s stomach. Apart from the physical pain of the child, this can also have an effect in the form of mental problems. Although many medicines are available to eliminate stomach worms, but apart from this, there are some such home remedies, by adopting which you can get rid of the problem of worms in the child. If you also want to deal with this problem related to the stomach of the child with the things present in the kitchen, then let’s know about the home remedies to deal with insects.


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If there are worms in the stomach of children, then you can treat them with basil leaves. Stomach worms are killed by basil leaves or basil extract. That is why if there are worms in the stomach, then make an extract of basil leaves and give it to the children, it will give them relief.


If there are worms in the stomach of children, you should give them a teaspoon of carom seeds with water to swallow. By doing this process twice a day, the benefit will be visible quickly. Consuming carom seeds continuously for 3 to 4 days will eliminate stomach worms in children.

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If your children have got worms in their stomach, then give them things made in coconut oil to eat. Consumption of coconut oil also eliminates the problem of worms in the stomach.

Apart from all this, feed four to five raw garlic buds to children on an empty stomach in the morning. Garlic contains an element called allicin, which kills stomach worms slowly. This is the easiest way to kill worms growing in the stomach of children.

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