If you are troubled by high cholesterol, which foods can be harmful, know here



Due to high cholesterol, obesity can increase in the body.
Cholesterol level can increase with sweet, fried and processed food.
Cholesterol can be controlled with exercise and a healthy diet.

High Cholesterol Foods : Generally, cholesterol is not considered good for health, but this is just a misconception. Cholesterol helps with essential functions such as making hormones and digesting food. It is important to control the amount of cholesterol in the body. High cholesterol can lead to problems like obesity, diabetes. The proper amount of cholesterol depends on the diet and diet of the person. Most of the people are taking such food items due to lack of correct information, which worsen their health by increasing cholesterol or they are also staying away from food containing many essential nutrients due to fear of cholesterol. It is important that we control our diet in such a way that a right cholesterol level can be maintained. Let us know which food items can be consumed by high cholesterol.


These foods can cause high cholesterol:

processed meat
according to healthlineProcessed meats like hot dogs, sausages and bacon contain saturated and trans fats, which increase our cholesterol level and cause problems like obesity and unhealthy heart. Increases cholesterol level.


sugary desserts
Sweet food items like cakes, biscuits, ice creams and sweets are high in fat and calories as well as cholesterol, due to which excessive consumption becomes the cause of high cholesterol. Consumption of fruits like pomegranate, apple and chikoo in their place can improve health.

fast food
Fast food makes the body unhealthy. It causes problems related to heart and obesity, which causes diabetes and high cholesterol. In such a situation, eating more and more homemade healthy food can be a better option for health.

fried food
The more delicious fried food is to eat, the worse it is for health. The trans fat present in them increases obesity and high calories increase cholesterol level. Taking eggs or dairy products with low fat can help in controlling body cholesterol.

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