If you have diabetes, then definitely eat these 5 fruits, blood sugar level will not be high


Fruits which Control Sugar Level: The biggest challenge for a diabetic patient is to manage their blood sugar level. Diabetes can never be kept under control by increasing blood sugar. Once someone comes to know about the existence of this disease, then first of all there is a restriction on the food. In the event of this disease, one should avoid eating all those food items, due to which the sugar level becomes high. There is often a doubt among diabetic patients about their diet. The biggest confusion is during the consumption of fruits. Most of the people keep on eating many types of fruits due to lack of information, which increase the sugar level.


Actually, there is a naturally occurring amount of sugar in fruits, which, like artificial sugar, increases blood sugar. But these natural sugars present in fruits are not harmful. Despite this, you should eat any fruit in limited quantity. Since fruits are rich in antioxidants and other nutrients, it is not advisable to eliminate them completely from the diet. If you want to consume fruits, which keep the sugar level under control, then you must include these fruits in your diet.


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Peach Kare Sugar Level Control
TOI According to a report published in, peach is one such fruit, which can be consumed by diabetic patients. It has more fiber in it. This fruit, rich in vitamins A, C, potassium, suddenly increases blood sugar in one go. The bioactive compound present in peaches can also fight obesity and health problems caused by diabetes. Eating peaches every day can also help improve inflammation, the immune system and digestion.

Jamun is healthy to eat in diabetes
Jamun has been used in Ayurveda for years to cure insulin sensitivity. The amount of sugar in this fruit is low. If you consume it every day, then blood sugar level can be controlled to a great extent. In fact, the compounds and antioxidants present in some black fruits help convert starch into energy and maintain blood sugar levels.


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Do not let guava also increase the sugar level
Guava, rich in low calorie and fiber, can be digested slowly. It can be absorbed slowly by the cells. It also does not increase the blood sugar level like other fruits. It contains 4 times more vitamin C than oranges. In addition, it is low in sodium and high in potassium. These nutrients are also beneficial in boosting immunity and reducing the risk of developing chronic diseases.

Eat papaya, sugar level will be maintained
You can also reduce the blood sugar level by eating papaya. According to a report, papaya can have a hypoglycemic effect on the body. It also contains flavonoids, which are a natural antioxidant. It can help in controlling the blood sugar level. The antioxidants present in it can prevent cell damage. Do not let the weight gain. The low-calorie fruit is also rich in B vitamins, folate, potassium and magnesium.

Apple also controls sugar level
Apples are rich in fiber and nutrients, but are the lowest in fructose. Apple is also a great fruit, which should be included in the diet. It contains both soluble and insoluble fiber, which prevents constipation. Makes you feel full for a long time. Fiber also slows down the digestion process and absorption of sugar. This means that sugar enters the bloodstream slowly and does not raise the blood sugar level.

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