‘If you have low blood pressure, eat a little more salt’, know the truth of this knowledge from the doctor of Gangaram Hospital


‘Low blood pressure’ is a common problem. But, we do not take it seriously. Like high blood pressure, it also has many risks associated with it. If your blood pressure is low then you may face many problems. You may feel dizzy. You may faint. You may feel nauseous. Eyesight can be blurred. You can be irritable. You will not be able to focus on your work. You will feel more tired. There are many problems that you may face due to low blood pressure. But, despite so many problems, it is not taken seriously in our society. Everyone becomes a doctor and advises to increase some salt in the food, drink coffee and eat dark chocolate.

Today, we inform you about the advice of Dr. Atul Kakkar, Co-Chairman, Department of Medicine, Sir Gangaram, the country’s top hospital, on this issue. Dr. Kakkar It is said that low blood pressure is a common disease. Also, its symptoms are also very common. The reason for this is also very common. Many times the problem of low blood pressure comes due to lack of blood and heart disease.


Blood pressure should be less than 130 and 90
As we all know that the range of blood pressure should be 120/80. But let me correct you a little here. Our blood pressure should be less than 130/90. The range of blood pressure increases slightly with age.

Low blood pressure when?
Dr. Kakkar clarifies that blood pressure There can be many reasons for falling. There are some quick reasons for this. Like a person has diarrhea or a sudden shock. Due to this, the blood pressure which is reduced is quick. It becomes normal again in a few days, but if the BP is low due to lack of blood or any heart problem, then you Doctor

Must consult. As far as the range of low blood pressure is concerned, we keep 90/60 in the category of low blood pressure. If you have this much blood pressure, you can be considered a patient and you may definitely need to go to the doctor. If the blood pressure goes below this, your vital organs can be affected. The supply of oxygen in the body can be affected.

types of low blood pressure
Dr. Kakkar It is said that low blood pressure is divided into several categories. The first type is Orthostatic Hypotension (Postural Hypotension). In orthostatic hypotension, when a person suddenly gets up from a bed or chair, his blood pressure drops. The reason behind this can be dehydration, prolonged bed rest, pregnancy and certain medical conditions. This type of blood pressure is found to be common with ageing.


Postprandial Hypotension one to two hours after eating blood pressure gets down. This is often found in aged people. This is especially found in patients with high blood pressure and people suffering from diseases like Parkinson’s. In this, it can be controlled a lot by taking steps like eating less quantity of food, low carbohydrate diet, more water and distance from alcohol.

Neurally Mediated Hypotension When you stand for a long time, your blood pressure goes down. This happens especially in youth and children. The reason behind this is usually due to lack of communication between heart and mind.

My blood pressure is 110/70, what should I do?
My blood pressure is 110/70 so what to consider it? Dr. Kakkar says on this it cannot be considered normal but it may be normal according to your body provided you do not have many symptoms. He says that blood pressure in many people is on the low side and there is no symptom in them. In such a situation, there is nothing to worry about it.

low blood pressure in women
Dr. Kakkar It is said that he is not aware of any such study regarding women. The problem of low blood pressure is common in women. This cannot be said with certainty. According to him, the range of blood pressure does not change on the basis of male-female.

The problem of low BP is cured by eating more salt.
Dr. Kakkar says that many people make such suggestions. But instead we should focus on the amount of fluid in the body. Adequate water and fluids are a must. As far as salt is concerned, you should take salt in normal quantity. Now what is meant by normal? Here Dr. Kakkar suggests that we should keep a box of salt on our dining table and should not put salt in it while cooking. The way we all add sugar in our tea or coffee, we need to start the same practice on the dining table. Each member of the family should take salt according to his taste and need. In normal condition, our body needs salt and sufficient amount of iodine. In such a situation, we should consume salt according to our own. One who has high BP should eat less salt.

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