If you want to strengthen the bones of the child, then include these 5 things in their diet


Foods that make bones strong , Child care is a big issue. From taking care of them to eating and drinking, parents are very careful. Parents make every effort to ensure that the child’s immunity is good, the bones are strong and there is no hindrance in growth.

If your concern is also related to strengthening the bones of the child, then we tell you about 5 food options, which can be included in their diet to meet their calcium needs. Dr. Srilalitha Avinash, Managing Partner, Diet Herbs India (Delhi) and Lecturer at Sree Trinetra International Institute of Yogic Studies (Mysore) It is telling about 5 such foods, which will benefit the health of the child by including them in the routine of the child.


Vitamin D is also important along with calcium
Lack of vitamin D can also cause calcium deficiency in the body. Actually, with the help of vitamin D, phosphorus and calcium dissolve in the body, due to which bones, teeth, hair and nails remain healthy. When the body does not get vitamin D, then the bones start weakening, because the calcium that the body gets from food and drink, is not properly absorbed in the body. In such a situation, children not only need to take calcium-rich diet, but vitamin D is also needed in sufficient quantity. So try that every morning the child gets at least 20 minutes of sunlight.


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These foods will strengthen the bones of the child
Gooseberry – Apart from being rich in vitamin C, gooseberry is also rich in calcium and iron. It can be used throughout the year. Apart from feeding it raw, it can also be given to the child in the form of juice, powder.

Ragi – It is rich in calcium and iron. Apart from strengthening the bones of the child, it also improves digestion. Even if children or adults complain of increased cholesterol level or accumulation of fat around the liver, these problems can be controlled by including ragi in the diet.

Moringa – It is called drumstick in common parlance. Not only is its vegetable beneficial for health, its leaves are also rich in calcium, iron, vitamins A, C and magnesium. Parents who want to strengthen the bones of the child, it is beneficial to give 1 teaspoon Moringa leaf powder every morning on an empty stomach to the child, it strengthens the bones. Since it has a hot effect, do not give it to a child without consulting a doctor.

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Sesame laddus – Make laddus by mixing dry roasted white or black sesame seeds with ghee and jaggery. Feeding a laddu to the child every morning will strengthen the bones. Sesame, jaggery and ghee are all hot in nature. Reduce its use in summer.

milk – The things mentioned above are often not included in the diet, but milk is an important part of children’s food habits, which almost every parent includes in their diet. Try that the child gets organic milk, so that his bones remain strong as well as physical growth.

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